Try example Drawtivity activities

Below are a series of example Drawtivity activities which offer an illustration of how this tool can be used to produce engaging and challenging on-line activities. Hopefully these activities will help you come up with ideas on how to use Drawtivity to create your own activities! If you have any activities you would like to share on this page please let me know.

Try the Biceps Brachii activity

Biceps brachii

Indicate the location of the biceps brachii muscle on this anatomy diagram.

View the biceps activity

Try the White Nile activity

Route of the White Nile

Draw the path of the White Nile from source to mouth on this satellite image of Africa.

View the White Nile activity

Try the stress strain curve activity

Stress strain curve

Draw a typical stress strain curve exhibited by mild steel on these graph axes.

View the stress strain curve activity

Try the brain stem tumor activity

Brain stem tumor

Mark the size and shape of the brain stem tumor exhibited on this MRI scan.

View the brain stem tumor activity

Try the sine curve activity

Sine curve

Draw on the axes the path of a sine curve.

View the sine curve activity