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Mission - To empower refugees with special attention to women and children and simplified the transition process. we also believe in building bridges of peace , friendship and understanding between nations through raising awareness, educate the public opinion and share culture.

The Iraqi Refugee Crisis
we have been working with Iraqi Refugees and we do believe that the Iraqi refugees crisis should be addressed long time ago. since the first refugees and immigrants movement took place in 1991 from Iraq when the United States with cooperation of 34 countries attacked Iraq, then followed by 13 years of economic sanction. Iraqis suffered from lack of food,education, medication and basic needs of every day of life.hundreds of thousands of Iraqis fled to Europe while others struggled with bad conditions.
In 2003 when the U.S and the U.K led war and invasion in Iraq more than 4.2 millions Iraqis externally and internally became displaced from their homes.child mortality increased 150% than before because of the use of the depleted Uranium .approximately 15,000 thousands flee Iraq every month to the neighboring countries. There is no organization or any formal authority that counts the exact number of Iraqi refugees, displaced or death numbers.
The displaced people live without any rights inside and outside their country , there is not being much attention to this issue from international organizations or media although it’s the worst crisis the world ever have .The hosting countries like Jordan, Syria , Lebanon and Egypt are not supporting the Iraqi refugees who live there and they are really struggling with every day of life for 6 years now.Last year the U.S government said they will be receiving 12,ooo Iraqi refugees from the fiscal year Oct 2007 - Sep 2008 most of them are the ones who worked with U.S forces in Iraq. the next year 2008-2009 the U.S government announced they will be receiving 17,000 of Iraqis. yet all Iraqi refugees who came to the U.S are still struggling with the resettlement agencies and the services that provided, if you want to know more about our annual report of 2008 regarding Iraqi refugees who entered the U.S since July 2007 until the end of the year 2008 please email us.We have been studying the situation of Iraqi refugees in many different states and we can provide you with lots of information.

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