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March 26, 2010

Episode Air No.: 38 (Season 2, Episode 16)
Original Air Date: March 26, 2010.
Production No.: 217 (Season 2, Episode 17)

Written by Brian Larsen
Supervising Writer: Drew Z. Greenberg
Directed by Kyle Dunlevy

Key Character: Anakin Skywalker, Admiral Yularen, Admiral Trench, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Bail Organa
Key Locales: Christophsis

Matt Lanter as Anakin Skywalker
Tom Kane as the narrator and Admiral Yularen
Dee Bradley Baker as the clone troopers and Admiral Trench
James Arnold Taylor as Obi-Wan Kenobi
Phil LaMarr as Bail Organa and the tactical droid
Matthew Wood as the battle droids

Episode Brief: Obi-Wan and Anakin must deliver supplies to Christophsis while the planet is under Separatist control. They encounter Separatist Commander Admiral Trench and get more than they bargained for.

Full Synopsis:

"A wise leader knows when to follow."

An impenetrable defense! Separatist
ships blockade the resource-rich
planet of Christophsis, trapping
Senator Bail Organa and his relief
Effort. Desperate to aid the esteemed
Senator, a Republic task force under
the command of Anakin Skywalker
must break the impasse. But time runs
short for the Senator and the good
citizens of Christophsis....

Christophsis is ringed by a cordon of heavy Separatist cruisers. Anakin Skywalker's task-force of Republic cruisers weathers incoming fire, as he and Admiral Yularen make contact with the beleaguered Bail Organa on the surface. Organa's situation grows dire; the blockade has cut off all re-supply efforts, and the Senator's relief mission now runs low on food, water and munitions. They are close to being overrun by the vast droid armies that march across the planet's crystalline surface.

Commanding the Separatist forces from the dreadnaught flagship Invincible is the arachnid Admiral Trench. Trench's long range attacks begin picking off the transport ships in Skywalker's task force. Skywalker orders his crew to over-fire the Resolute's reactors as he prepares to charge the enemy, but belays that order with the sudden arrival of Kenobi's flagship, Negotiator. Skywalker reluctantly calls off his attack, and the Republic ships retreat behind Christophsis's moon.

Anakin shuttles to the Negotiator, where Obi-Wan shows off a new weapon in the Republic arsenal: a prototype stealth ship. The needle-shaped starship is invisible behind its cloaking shield. Skywalker's mission will be to take the cloaked ship on a mercy mission to Christophsis' surface. Skywalker would rather a direct confrontation with the enemy, however.

Meanwhile, aboard the Resolute, Admiral Yularen researches the markings on the Invincible, and recognizes the crest emblazoned on its hull. Yularen's worst fears are realized as he confirms the enemy ship belongs to Admiral Trench. Yularen calls for Skywalker to halt his departure.

Yularen explains his past history to Skywalker. Some time ago, a corporate fleet blockaded Malastare, prompting a Republic task force to retaliate. Yularen served with the force, against enemy vessels commanded by Trench. According to reports, Admiral Trench died in the Battle of Malastare Narrows, but Yularen now recognizes Trench's tactics and efficient maneuvers here at Christophsis. He volunteers to accompany Skywalker, for he fears that one way or another, they will face Trench's cunning.

The crew of the stealth ship readies for takeoff, including rookie crewman, CC-1284, also known as Spark. Trooper Blackout takes the newcomer under his wing. The needle-shaped ship disappears in the envelope of the cloaking shield. It begins slipping through the heavily armed blockade.

Trench awaits the inevitable counterattack. Seeking to pressure the Republic into a foolish move, Trench targets the enemy outpost on Christophsis's surface with hyena bombers. The droid fighters zip past the invisible relief ship, and hammer Organa's headquarters. He contacts General Kenobi, desperate for reinforcements. Kenobi decides to engage Trench's forces, but Yularen recognizes it as a trap. Anakin decides to go on the offensive.

Skywalker decloaks the stealth ship and fires a volley of four proton torpedoes at the Invincible. The enemy flagship erects its thermal shields in time, blocking the incoming missiles. Trench orders return-fire, and targets the stealth ship with a quartet of discord missiles.

The stealth ship launches decoy flares before vanishing beneath its cloak. Trench orders a barrage of laserfire, but Anakin's ship avoids destruction and continues to hide. Trench surmises that the ship's pilot must be a Jedi, for no clone is that skilled a pilot. He also figures the Jedi will attack again, given that he went on the offensive the first time. Trench decides to contact the enemy directly.

The arachnid officer sends out a general hail that is intercepted by the stealth ship. He calls out his unseen enemy, and tries to goad him into attacking. Trench boasts he has dealt with cloaked ships before. Skywalker and Yularen puzzle over this revelation until Kenobi's research uncovers that Trench has indeed faced off against cloaked cruisers in the past, but had gotten past their sensor countermeasures somehow. Anakin theorizes that Trench probably honed in on the ships' magnetic signatures with tracking torpedoes.

Skywalker begins formulating a plan. He once again disengages the cloak and fires a quartet of torpedoes. He then immediately recloaks as the torpedoes rain against the Invincible's thermal shields. Trench's tactical droid locks onto the stealth's ships magnetic signature, and Trench drops his shields to return fire with tracking torpedoes.

The torpedoes speed toward the stealth ship. Skywalker lowers the cloak and diverts full power to the ship's engines. He then speeds directly toward the Invincible, dragging the torpedoes with him. As the Invincible recycles its shields, the stealth ship skims past its hull at point blank range, leading the torpedoes directly into its bridge. The massive cruiser shudders as explosions tear apart its spine.

An amazed Kenobi praises Skywalker's unorthodox maneuver. The Negotiator engages the rest of the Separatist fleet while Skywalker makes good on his original mission to deliver relief supplies. Yularen is impressed with his unusual Jedi general.

Trivia & Details

  • Among the Republic starships destroyed by Admiral Trench -- according to intelligence reports displayed on Admiral Yularen's screen -- are the cruiser The Righteous and the frigate Swift Return

  • Cut from the episode but present in the script was the name of the Jedi Master in charge of the Republic task-force at the Battle of Malastare Narrows: Jedi Kep-She.

  • Chronologically, this episode precedes all the others that have been broadcast thus far. "Cat and Mouse" is followed by Season One's "The Hidden Enemy" and then an episode originally titled "The New Padawan" that was re-edited into The Clone Wars feature film.

  • Early in production, Admiral Trench's name was rendered as "Admiral Taranch," a more obvious nod to his tarantula inspiration. Though his name was changed, Yularen's intelligence report shows the original spelling in Aurebesh.

Memorable Quotes

"I smell fear... and it smells good." -- Admiral Trench.

- "Looks like General Skywalker's already engaged the enemy."
- "That's nothing out of the ordinary, especially since I gave him a direct order not to." -- Commander Cody and Obi-Wan Kenobi

"Two steps forward and you'd actually be kissing it." -- Obi-Wan introducing Anakin to the stealth ship.

"Help us, General Kenobi! You're our only hope." -- Bail Organa

"Anakin, I have enough problems without you becoming one of them."

"You learn pretty quickly that when you serve under General Skywalker, you're always on the offensive." -- Blackout to Spark

"Turn back now. Retreat while you can. For I... am your doom!" -- Admiral Trench to Anakin Skywalker

- "You'll find I like to do things differently from time to time."
- "Indeed. The Chancellor mentioned as much, though he insisted it was the highest compliment." -- Anakin Skywalker and Admiral Yularen

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