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New Sponsor for the KC Stadium's West Stand

Posted on: Mon 04 Jul 2011

In the first of a series of sponsorship announcements from the KC Stadium this week we are thrilled to welcome Cranswick plc as our new West Stand sponsor.

Cranswick plc is a local company with a huge national reach, engaged in the production and supply of food products to United Kingdom grocery retailers.

The two-year sponsorship of the West Stand carries an option of a third year and the deal was hailed by Chief Executive Mark Maguire: "We are delighted that a company of Cranswick plc's national prominence has decided to enter into this partnership with us. Not only is Cranswick plc hugely important to the local economy, they are a major player in their industry sector with a first class reputation.


"For a company with Cranswick plc's standing to want to be associated with us sends a message with regard to the progress we are making commercially, the value of being associated with our business and our ability to deliver value to major companies.

"I would like to personally welcome Martin and Cranswick plc to the KC Stadium and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship together."

Martin Davey, Chairman of Cranswick plc added: "We are delighted to have the opportunity to show Cranswick's support for City and for the ambitions of all at the Club.

"We have a great number of fans working at Cranswick and all are really looking forward to the new season."

For more information on Cranswick plc visit their web site at

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