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New Hampshire is the home of a surprisingly robust capacity for development and use of software. The public and private sectors work well to capitalize on this vibrant economy. Some statistics that show the results of this great partnership are:



Supporting the Software Industry in NH

SwANH is committed to promoting and growing the software industry in New Hampshire. We do this by enabling our members to share ideas and learn from experts and each other. Members benefit in three key ways, which are supported by the programs, events and seminars we schedule throughout the year:

Talk to peers about the challenges and solutions to finding good employees, solving development or process issues, finding who provides the best services for accounting, legal, marketing or other businesses that focus around software companies. Throughout the calendar year, we provide events that enable this kind of sharing and collaborating.
SwANH organizes events aimed at informing its members about the latest technology, development processes, best practices in running businesses and more. Seminars and guest speakers are scheduled throughout the state during the year.
The association strives to attract and support software businesses in the State and ensure that New Hampshire remains well known for its technology-based commerce. Many member benefits support this goal. Gov. Lynch, James St. Jean, and Ric Pratte of Jittergram Receive Rookie Award

 SwANH is a proud supporter of the

 Entrepreneurs Foundation of New Hampshire 


Join us and take advantage of the many benefits of membership!


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