Some cats have 2 names because they have been renamed when found a permanent home.
WOTSIT (above) was born about 2004. He is a playful boy and he came to us because he scratched a child by accident. Click here for more photos of this beautiful cat.
WINSTON (above) was born about 2006 and has Cerebellar Hypoplasia. He only has it very mildly. He can walk, play, run and jump. He is very affectionate, and acts very kitten-like for his age. He has a lovely sunny personality and he loves attention and being stroked. He loves to roll over on his back to have his belly stroked.
The condition he has only affects his reactions to situations and he can be very nervous around new people. Due to his slow reactions and nervousness he will sometimes panic and his legs will make him run in the wrong direction to where his brain is telling him to go.
When he is picked up he will shake due to Cerebellar Hypoplasia, but if held close to the body when picked up he will settle. When he was a kitten he permanently shook and wobbled, and would run into things. As he has got older his condition has really improved. The vets are very happy with him, he takes no medication and is expected to live a long and happy life with love and care. Click here for more photos of Winston.
ZAK (above) was born in 2006. His owner had to go abroad to work and could no longer care for Zak. Zak is shy with strangers but friendly when he gets to know people.
ZEVIA's owner could no longer keep her. This pretty semi long haired, blue eyed girl is just so sweet. Zevia (above) was born about 2005-6 and has pre cancerous changes to one ear and has had sunburn to the other. She won't require surgery until cause for concern as this is a slow acting condition. She is otherwise healthy and happy, though a bit shy with people at first.
WILLOW (left) was found wandering around the streets unable to find her way home. A pair of glimmering eyes shine out of the dark as she hides in her box. She is a stunning black moggy, born about 2008-9. Now with us for life.
WISELEE (right - named after the firm of solicitors whose staff found and fed her together with her babies) was born about 2008. She is now living happily in a new home and has a new name too - she is now called COCO.
WIZBEE (left) has the nickname Switch, due to her unpredictable nature. She is fine if you stroke her head ears or neck, but will not tolerate any other part of her body being touched or brushed. She is very beautiful though, with lovely green eyes. She was born 2006 and lives with her companion Mon Ami.