At the risk of resurrecting a really long thread that lived for a long time in the OSX topic, I'd like to find out if folks are still having problems with their Lombards (PowerBook G3-Bronze Keyboard) and OSX.

Although I was having no trouble with my Jaguar installation up to version 10.2.6, after I upgraded (combo installer) to 10.2.8, I started having freak instabilities. I planned to rebuild my install back to 10.2.6, but I held off until after the holidays in case there was a Panther in my stocking. There was! So....

I installed Panther this past weekend and had all the problems many other folks had with freezes during installation. Removing my top RAM stick (leaving me with 256 in the lower slot) enabled the install to complete. I then ran all software updates & installed XCode, leaving me with a virgin 10.3.2/XCode install.

I then reinstalled my top stick (bringing me back to my usual total of 512MB). For the past few days I've been getting the occasional scrambled video symptom that has been reported here with 10.3 and 10.3.1. That surprised me because most reports indicate that 10.3.2 helped improve that situation.

Things with my 10.3.2 install are definitely worse after running for a long time. I don't think I've had more than 24hr of uptime since installing Panther. Repairing disk persmissions seems to trigger the problem. Running Photoshop seems to trigger the problem. Just doing normal things for a long period of time (opening/closing apps, etc.) seems to trigger the problem. It doesn't seem to matter whether my color depth is set to "Thousands" or "Millions".

I've currently been reduced to running with only 256MB (bottom slot). I'll see how that goes over the next day or so...but what have folks found after their time with Panther? Apple Support has not been particularly helpful. One rep suggested that maybe my processor/logic board failed at the same time I installed Panther (a convienently suspicious coincidence). Another rep suggested I try authentic "Apple RAM".

Does anyone have other concrete, practical suggestions?