Some cats have 2 names because they have been renamed when found a permanent home.

MABEL (left) was brought to a vet by her owners who didn't know that she was pregnant. Poor Mabel was distressed and she went into labour. Unfortunately the kittens died soon after birth. Now spayed, Mabel is a delightful and affectionate little girl who adores attention and cuddles. She was born July 2009.
MIKO (right) was found homeless and was almost put to sleep. As she was still only a kitten when she was found, it is likely that she was abandoned. Miko was born April 2007.
Cats don't come more friendly than our MINOU (renamed Millicent - above - and also known as Princess Possum). She will stand on her hind legs and push her face into your hand, and she is a real lap cat. She was a stray and when found she had given birth to two lovely kittens, Eddi & Buttercup. Minou was born about 2006. More Minou here.
Tortie & white MOLLY (left) was left behind by her owners when the home got repossessed. She was born 2004-7. She is an affectionate, loving cat and she lives with her brother Rudy who was abandoned with her. See here for a photo of them together.
MORGAN (renamed The Colonel - above) is a happy boy, born about 2003-5. He must have strayed from home and had been living rough. He found it hard on the streets and lost some trust in people and was nervous at first. When found he had a small patch of skin irritation around his eye. He is a sweet boy and likes to roll around on a soft blanket, big soppy moggie! Morgan lives with Betty (renamed Sadie).
MICKEY (above) was a kitten very ill with cat 'flu when he was found. Now happy and healthy he has been found a loving home with Paws for Life. Mickey was born September 2007. Click here for more pics
MANDY (renamed Edith - above) was found with her mother in a park. She was born in the spring of 2009. See more of her here.
Black MOLLY (right) was born about 1996.  She was rescued by a passer by from some boys who were throwing her in the road.  She now has a lovely home with Paws for Life, for life.
Tabby and white MOLLY (above) came to us with Maisy, who was her companion, but sadly they were not exactly friends so Molly needed a home alone. She just wants to be loved. She is very friendly and was born about 1995-6.

MUSTARD (above) was born about 1997-8 and is hyperthyroid which means that he needs medication each day. Mustard's owners emigrated so he needed a new loving home. Click here for another pic of Mustard.
White MOLLY (above) was born in the autumn of 2009 and came to us unspayed.  Luckily, even though she was being let out, she did not get pregnant.  She was a very frightened little girl who has now got a permanent loving home where she can play and be happy.

Black & white MICKEY (above) was born about June 2008 and is a lovely friendly and playful boy. His owners no longer wanted him because he was too boisterous. Mickey was featured in the ITV1 'Tonight' programme broadcast on March 16th 2009. Click here for more photos of Mickey.
Lovely tabby MAISY (above) was born 1995-6 and came to us with her companion Molly (tabby & white) but they didn't get on so Maisy needed to be homed alone. She is a lovely friendly girl who just loves TLC. Click here for more photos of Maisy.
MINNIE (above) was born in 1994 and lives with her friend Alice. Minnie is an independent cat but she spends most of her time in her basket sleeping but does go outside. More photos of Minnie here.
MOONBEAR (above) was born in June 2007 and is a black Persian. His owner wanted him rehomed because he said that Moonbear was difficult to approach. His new owners are not finding this at all and they took him straight to the vet who informed them that he was not in good shape. Moonbear is now safe and his new owners will take very good care of him and bring him back to his handsome self. More pics of Moonbear here.
MON AMI above) is a blue eyed tortie & white. She is shy and timid. Mon Ami likes to sit quietly on the window sill. She doesn't sit on laps, but does love to be stroked and brushed. She was born 2006 and lives with Wizbee.
MAXWELL (above) was born in 2000. Unfortunately due to a change in family circumstances, he needed a new home together with his brother Marley. Sadly, Marley died a few months later. Max enjoys tons of love and cuddles and is a confident, friendly cat but he does not like being picked up. Max suffers from constipation and needs to be given Katalax in his food twice a week. More of Maxwell & his brother Marley here.
Handsome black MARLEY (left) was born about 1998. He had been living rough on the street almost giving up on life. He is a lovely friendly boy who loves nothing more than a cuddle. See more of Marley here. He lives with Treacle.
MAX (left) was born mid 2008.   His owner had to move and couldn't take him with her.  He was not neutered, had never been to the vet and had lived indoors on his own.  He now lives with three other cats and will have access to the outside world.  More Max here.
MUSH (right) is a lovely black female with a white patch on her chest.  She was born in 2001.   Her owner's partner had two dogs which Mush was not happy about so Mush needed a dog free home.  Click here for another photo of Mush.
MADDY (left) was found crossing a busy road at only 4 months old (2011). She is a very pretty tabby-tortie girl, friendly, playful, and now safe in her Paws for Life home.
MOOSHU (above) was born 2004. His owners moved house and could not take Mooshu with them. Paws for Life have found him a new home.

Tabby MARLEY (formerly Denver, above right) & MIMI (above left) are siblings born 2004. Mimi has the biggest, cutest eyes you've ever seen. They are warm, loving and inquisitive and are completely dippy for strokes and play. Their owner was sorry to lose them but had to emigrate for employment reasons. Click here to see them together.
MUMFORD (renamed Arthur, pictured left) was born April/ May 2011 and has one grey and one blue eye. He was abandoned and was about to be killed because he has Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Cats like Mumford can still have a good quality of life so there is no need to euthanase them. Mumford just needed someone who understands his condition. He can use a litter tray but needs a very shallow one so he can get in and out of it. He also needs shallow, sturdy food bowls. He is currently being kept in a pen when the owner is out and is quite happy to drink out of a water bottle like rabbits do. This stops him from knocking it over. As he gets older, his legs should gain more strength, especially if he can run around, but he will never walk properly. He is a cheeky chap who loves to play (not quite a lap cat yet but what kittens are!) He is affectionate and as soon as he hears a voice or he is approached he purrs and tries to get closer to you. At this point he will still bite and try to claw a bit but he is of course only playing and just hasn't learnt it hurts us for him to play like that. As he has no litter mates to teach him any different it's to be expected.
MISKA (right) was born 2005. She loves attention and is happiest when lying on a lap. She loves to be stroked. She prefers the indoors but will happily go outdoors. She enjoys playing with toys, chasing feathers and will also play fetch with a crinkly sweet wrapper. She is super sensitive and can be nervy. She is a very loving cat and enjoys human company. She is quite a vocal cat and talks a lot.