Some cats have 2 names because they have been renamed by their carers.

BAGPUSS (above) is a handsome, black FIV+ve boy, estimated to have been born around 2003. He was picked up as a stray. He is very friendly and loves to play and jump on people's feet as they walk pass.
Black & white BRAMBLE (above) was born about 2002. He was homeless and not neutered. He had a collar on but no ID, and as no one claimed him, he was about to be killed. He is FIV+ve. Paws for Life have given him the chance of a new life.
BOYD (above) was born in 1998. His owner moved away and left him behind with his mother, Nina. They are both lovely cats and deserve the best, and we have found them the best - a loving home where they can be together for life.
Tabby BUTTONS (above) is a wonderful loving boy who just loves spending his time having his belly tickled and purring. He was born 2006 and he is FIV+ve.
BETTY (Tortie - above) is a very sweet and affectionate cat who needed a loving family to care for her. Betty has a cleft lip but manages well with food and water. She was born around 1998-2000.
This gorgeous and playful ginger boy, (above) was born about May 2009, had to be found a new home because his owners were going on holiday and had no one to care for him. His name is BASHA and there are some more beautiful photos of him here. Well worth looking at!
BUTTERCUP (above) was born outside in June 2007. She and her sister Eddi needed a lot of time and patience to accustom them to normal household life. She is living with Eddie in a Paws for Life home. They are Minou's kittens. Photo on the right is Buttercup with their companion Ginge. Click here for more photos of Buttercup.
BOBBY (above) was thought to have been born about 1995-6. His elderly owner died, and now Bobby has a home for life with his Paws for Life carer.
BUFFY (above) was a stray found with his companion Angel. They were about to be killed. Born about 2004, these lovely cats have been found a home together.

Poor BERT (above) had an abscess wound on his ear when he was found. Shy at first but a lovely cat. His estimated date of birth is 2000- 2003. Click here for more photos of Bert.

BARNEY (above) was a stray, when found not neutered, so of course he got into fights and the result is FIV. He is a nervous cat but so very beautiful. He is thought to have been born about 2002.
BENTLEY (above) was born about 2005. He was a stray, found with a collar mark around his neck. When he 'makes dough' he lifts his paws up as well
BENNIE (above) was originally saved from being put to sleep. He lived in a Paws for Life home together with his companion Henry (dark tabby) but their owners parted and they needed to be found another home. Bennie is FIV+ve. Seen above with Henry. Click here for another photo of Bennie.
BAZ (tabby & white - above) was born about 2006; he is FIV+ve. He also has a urinary tract problem which has now been sorted out but he needs to be kept on a special diet. He is a lovely friendly cat. Click here for more lovely photos of Baz.


BUDDIE (above) is a lovely boy born 2005-6. He is a very sociable cat who loves to be outside. He is FIV+ve but this is NOT a danger to other cats as he is neutered and is not a fighter. Download FIV info here.
BERTIE (above) was dumped on his foster mum's doorstep on 14th December 2008. He recovered from his neglectful state of starvation and flea anemia. He is a wonderful friendly cat, fine with other animals and loves all the attention in the world. Bertie is thought to have been born around 1998. Click here for more photos of Bertie.
Handsome tabby BRUNO (above) is a most charming, friendly and affectionate cat who needed a home as an only as he has a dominant personality. Bruno was born in 2004 and he is FIV+ve. Click here for more lovely photos of Bruno.
Tabby BRAMBLE and his companion Treacle were born about 2003-5 and they both are affectionate. Their owner was going to have them put to sleep because her son is allergic. See the cats together here.
BRANDON (above) is a very handsome boy, born 2001. His owners could no longer keep him so he needed a new place to call home. He was a bit nervous at first but given time he is now the purrfect family member. Click here for more photos of Brandon.
Lovely BECKY, renamed Little Miss - above) was born in 1998. Her owners split up and neither could take Becky as they both moved to homes where no pets were allowed. Becky was timid at first but has now settled in to her PfL home. Click here for more photos and a letter from her new owners.

BRADLEY (above) had a fractured jaw when he came to us. He is all healed up now. He likes to be able to come and go as he pleases; makes good use of the cat flap! He was born 2005.


BOUDICEA (now renamed Sammy - above), was born approx. 2005.   Her owners wanted her to be rehomed as she was hiding in the cupboard!
BAZ the Bengal (above) was born in 2003. He was used for shows and stud but at 6 years of age his usefulness had ended so the breeder sold him off. He was paired with another stud and they were sold together. It soon became apparent to the new owner that Baz was being badly bullied and would not defend himself. He also suffers from fits and is slightly brain damaged. Baz's owner tried to contact the breeder on many occasions but with no luck. Baz is now in a Paws for Life home where he won't be bullied. Click here for another photo.
Above is BERT whose owner developed an allergy to cats so he had to go, along with his companion Daisy.   Friendly Bert was born 2001. He and Daisy are now happy in a new home together.
BOSS (above) was brought into a veterinary surgery with a fractured hind leg, and a blood test showed him to be FIV+.  He would probably have been destroyed if he hadn't come to us so he is very lucky. All the care and attention he is getting has made him a bit of a diva!!!!  He demands love and affection :o) Boss shares his new home with black Jack.
Dear BETTY (renamed Sadie - above), was born 1998 and had a sad time. She was rescued when a kitten by an elderly lady and had been kept in a darkened house all her life. Her owner became unwell and Betty has been rescued again and is now in our care. She is a lovely lady, who hides from the light during the day but surprises you with much affection and loves cuddles. She lives with Morgan (renamed The Colonel). To see another photo of Betty, click here.
Handsome BRUCE (above) was rescued when Paws for Life were alerted to the plight of 3 cats who were left by former tenants of an empty house. The landlord allowed us to enter and rescue the 3 starving moggies.  Bruce and his mate Keira were born about 2006-7 and their daughter Abigail was about 8 months old when found early 2009. She looks like Bruce and she has been homed seperately. Click here to see Bruce with Keira.

BANJO (right) was a stray, one of seven. He is thought to have been born in the spring of 2009. Banjo is a lovely affectionate puss!

BETSY (left) is a lovely girl born 1996. Her former owner has to work overseas a lot which was not fair on her.

BUBBLEGUM (Bubbles - right) was born 2006. He is a dominant cat, very affectionate, but he doesn't like being cornered. He likes to go out and prowl around the neighbourhood. He was rescued from the streets when he was 5 months old but he didn''t get on with the family's other cat.
BENNY (left) was born about 2008-9. He was brought into a veterinary surgery in a terrible state. He was rescued from a butcher shop with his underside cut open. He is a lovely boy, social with other cats but still learning to trust people again. He is a super black cat with a really nice nature and a chirping welcome to give and we are sure he will give his new owner a lot of love. Click here to see poor Benny's stitched up wound.