Some cats have 2 names because they have been renamed when found a permanent home.

Paws for Life was asked to find a home for an elderly stray, but beautiful LIBBY (above) turned out to be a young lady (born approx. 2007). Libby needed a home where she could be an only cat and Paws for Life found this home for her. The left photo shown Libby when with Paws for Life, the right photo is Libby in her new home. Click here for more photos.
LILY (above) was thought to be born late 2006. She was abandoned with her companion Rosie. Lily was painfully thin, probably because Rosie took most of the available food but now she has gained weight and is happy and healthy. She is very playful. She shares a Paws for Life home with Rosie. Click for more pics of Lily.
LULU, (renamed Georgie) was born 2006 and needed a home together with her friend Smudge (renamed Bobby) and Paws for Life found her just that. Lulu (above) likes to be a house cat. Click here for another photo of Lulu.
LUKE (above) is an elderly male who was rescued from the street. He is hyperthyroid and on permanent medication. Due to a past injury there is a question if he has the sight in one eye as the pupil is enlarged. Luke loves nothing more than to keep your lap warm. He loves someone to snuggle up to. See more pics of Luke.

LIZZIE (above) was rescued and brought into a veterinary surgery when she was 6-8 months old. She was born in 2006. She is timid at first but responds to love. She lived with Ozzie who sadly died May 2010. Photo of them together here.

Waiting for Photo
We have another LULU. This pretty black and white lady was born 2003. She came to us because her owner's life style and commitments at work changed dramatically and there was no longer enough time to give to Lulu. She lives with tortie Kitty.


LUCY (above) was born in 1996. She belonged to an elderly lady who was no longer able to care for her precious girl. Lucy is very healthy and content. Lucy only has three legs.