Shammi Arora

Shammi Arora

Full-time MBA, 2005
Country of origin: India
Employer: Yahoo

MBA graduate from Mumbai lands top job at internet giant Yahoo

Shammi Arora, an ex-software engineer from Mumbai who completed her MBA at Lancaster in 2005, has landed a top job at internet giant Yahoo. Shammi, whose parents and family still live in the Indian city, is working as a European Union Strategy Analyst at the company’s London headquarters.

Shammi joined Yahoo after spending a year with Amazon upon completing her Lancaster MBA. Her role at Yahoo is to help the company build strategies in response to issues relating to its European output. “It is very exciting to be working for such a global company as Yahoo,” Shammi said. “It is extremely challenging and keeps me on my toes, but I am learning a lot. Everything I am doing here is carried over from my MBA, particularly the business aspects of the course. I certainly wouldn’t have got this job if I hadn’t gone to study in the United Kingdom.”

Shammi signed up to the Lancaster MBA in 2004 after completing a Masters degree in Mumbai.  “I heard about Lancaster University Management School during a careers event back home,” she explained. “I chose to come to Lancaster mainly because of its ranking in the Financial Times. Its MBA is a one-year course, which was an important factor, and it represented good value for money in terms of tuition fees and living costs.”

It was on the MBA programme that Shammi learned all about the internet industry. “My dissertation supervisor, Dr Joern Meissner, is an expert in this area and it sparked my interest in the internet as a business,” she said. “Once I had got my visa, meaning I could stay in the United Kingdom to work after completing my MBA, I was able to take up a post-MBA internship with Amazon. However, when Amazon moved me to Glasgow in Scotland and it became clear I was expected to stay there, I decided to find another job, and then the opportunity with Yahoo came.”

Shammi now lives in Acton, West London, and sees a lot of similarities between London and Mumbai. “Both cities are very crowded, and both never sleep,” she said. “Perhaps the only difference is that with Mumbai, people come from all over India to work there. In London people come from all over the world to live and work there. I have settled in very well and am enjoying life.”

However, Shammi plans to return home as much as possible during holidays. “My mum has her own beauty parlour in Mumbai, my dad has a small manufacturing business, and my younger brother and sister still live in the city,” she said. “Mumbai is very close to my heart and I will go back there whenever I can.”

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