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  1. Canadian women's shelter starts a bike share scheme for it's ladies
  2. @mapnificent - its the amazing public transport travel-time map #ThatsTravelTimeNotTimeTravel
  3. And the winner of #biggerorbetter is ... Huge thanks to everyone who participated!
  4. Congrats to @jon_hopkins_ whose been nominated for a music award! <- he did a song for our walkcast
  5. RT @inhabitat: This brilliant AQUS grey water toilet system recycles your sink water!
  6. And the winner of #biggerorbetter is ... Huge thanks to everyone who participated!
  7. Check out @UNICEFcampaigns #climateready app. Featuring you as climate kid.
  8. Incredible anatomically correct creatures made from old bike and car parts. Crazy impressive.
  9. Guerrilla gardening gets the royal stamp of approval via @treehugger #Camillatheguerrilla
  10. #followfriday @oregonrecyclers @earthdaycanada @TheMoylocks @nigelsEcoStore #FF
  11. Are you sure no one wants to swap us a fancy camera for our #celebrity tshirt? #biggerorbetter
  12. Fancy holidaying in an oil rig escape pod? via @TreeHugger
  13. Shop locally using new marketplace app Goshi via @springwise
  14. When the kids have grown up, steal their lego and make an awesome lamp! via @instructables
  15. @Mapnificent - its the amazing public transport travel-time map #ThatsTravelTimeNotTimeTravel
  16. Money doesn't bring you happiness. And here is the old German lady that proved it.
  17. We need some lovely London-based Green Things that will help us hand-sew our Saved tshirts. Can you help? hello[at]dothegreenthing[dot]com
  18. More beautiful bags made from old things via @unconsumption #sustainablefashion
  19. Any London-based Green Things that want to come help us sew our Saved T-shirts? Email us: hello[at]dothegreenthing[dot]com
  20. RT @Grist Bear steals Prius