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  Code: Sek
  Gfx: n/a
  Music: n/a
  Platform: win32
  Section: 1kb
  Year: 2006
  Downloads: 292
  Rating: 9.8 (4 votes)
  Uploader: sek

The Comments
sek sek
Points: 2962
Posted on 2006-09-06  
OK thats it. The last in the trilogy of matrix inspired 1ks. My final 1k. I hope it works for you. I hope you enjoyed the trilogy: MrAnderson, Trinity, Morpheus.
Druid Druid
Points: 28810
Posted on 2006-09-06  
excellent work...it ends a nice trilogy. We want more :)
NuKe^S!P NuKe^S!P
Points: 4087
Posted on 2006-09-06  
ah yes, really awesome stuff in 1k!
Clyde Clyde
Points: 326
Posted on 2006-09-06  
Very cool and clever, welldone dude :)
rbz rbz
Points: 3824
Posted on 2006-09-07  
Good work dude!
[Shockwave] [Shockwave]
Points: 5534
Posted on 2006-09-07  
Good stuff Sek. :-)
iks iks
Points: 642
Posted on 2006-09-07  
can can
Points: 2425
Posted on 2006-09-07  
very nice!
sek sek
Points: 2962
Posted on 2006-09-08  
thanks all - Im really pleased you enjoyed the trilogy. EOS
chenmy1 chenmy1
Points: 102
Posted on 2006-09-08  
very good.
Points: 700
Posted on 2006-09-12  
good stuff man, keep it up
ghost ghost
Points: 2068
Posted on 2006-09-12  
The best of the three and all are awesome work.
sek sek
Points: 2962
Posted on 2006-09-19  
bull, :-) thats it, no more, finito.
pohar pohar
Points: 43
Posted on 2006-10-10  
oops, I missed it one month ago. but is is super!!!
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