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    An Appeal to Firefighters, Present and Past from a retired FDNY Lieutenant

    Fellow Firefighters, A great tragedy befell our community on September 11, 2001, an unprecedented 343 deaths in the line of duty. As horrible as that toll is, if there were a rational explanation for it, we could accept it and mourn. We all understood the risk we accepted when we took the oath of office, that chance might cut short our lives when we placed ourselves in harm’s way in the public’s service. This is what we are paid for and it is our honor. However, in short, the official explanation of the events of that day are not only insufficient, they are fantastic and cannot bear rational examination. We are asked to believe that on that day three structural steel buildings, which have never before in history collapsed because of fire, fell neatly into their basements at the speed of gravity, their concrete reduced to dust. We are asked to believe that jet fuel (kerosene) can melt steel. We are asked to believe that the most sophisticated air defense system in the world, that responded to sixty-eight emergencies in the year prior to 9-11 in less than twenty minutes allowed aircraft to wander about for up to an hour and a half. We are asked to believe that the steel and titanium components of an aircraft that supposedly hit the Pentagon “evaporated”. There is much, much more if anyone cares to look into it. Trade Tower #7 by itself is the “smoking gun”. Not hit by an aircraft, with only a few relatively small fires, it came down in a classic crimp and implosion, going straight into its basement, something only very precise demolition can accomplish, which takes days if not weeks to prepare. The 9-11 Commission didn’t even mention it, and F.E.M.A. actually stated they DIDN’T KNOW WHY IT COLLAPSED AND LEFT IT AT THAT. Brothers, I know that the implications of the above are hard, almost unthinkable, but the official explanation is utter nonsense, and three hundred and forty three murdered brothers are crying out for justice. Demand a genuine investigation into the events of September 11!

    -Anton Vodvarka, Lt. FDNY (ret)

    Lt. Vodvarka served on FDNY Ladder Co 26, Rescue Co. 3, Rescue Co. 1, Engine Co. 92, Ladder 82 and Ladder 101. He was awarded the Merit Class 1 award, the Prentice Medal.

    Erik Lawyer speaks at the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth press conference demanding a new investigation. Firefighters for 9-11 Truth strongly support AE911 Truth in securing a new investigation.

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    Click here to hear some of the witnesses and recordings NIST claims don’t exist.

    N.F.P.A. 921 – Extremism
    During an investigation, many things must be considered. Aside from the physical evidence, and witness testimony, suspect criminal history also must be analyzed. The investigation must include past history and the Modus Operandi, “M.O.” for short.

    N.F.P.A. 921 – Extremism addresses terrorism specifically. It reads:


    A common sense test: You’re dispatched to a house fire in a 2 story with a basement. Upon arrival, all 3 floors are well involved. After extinguishment, the neighbor across the street tells you he saw flashes on all 3 floors within seconds of each other. It turns out the owner has arson convictions on his record. You smell gasoline. Now, should you test the debris for accelerants? No matter what the owner and his friends tell you, wouldn’t you still test it? It’s a “NO-Brainer”…isn’t it?

    Look at the facts of the WTC, specifically Tower 7, collapses:
    1) Terrorists used explosives on WTC 1 in 1993.
    2) Over 118 first responders reported hearing explosions before all 3 collapses, many said it sounded like the “bang-bang-bang” you hear during a demolition.
    3) We have video, photographic and audio evidence of explosions after the impact and before collapse.
    4) Live news was reporting multiple explosions, and the possibility terrorists also planted explosives.
    5) Barry Jennings, the Emergency Coordinator for the NY Housing Authority reported explosions in Tower 7. He also reported being knocked down by explosions prior to the collapse of the tower.
    6) Molten steel AND concrete were found at Ground Zero “remember, hydrocarbon fires do not burn hot enough to melt steel or concrete.”N.F.P.A. 921- 19.2.4 Exotic Accelerants states that molten steel and concrete could indicate the use of exotic accelerants, specifically Thermite.
    7) WTC 7 was the first concrete and steel high rise to collapse during a fire that had not been struck by an aircraft. It was determined not to be significantly damaged by the falling debris, and diesel fuel tanks DID NOT contribute significantly to the fire (according to NIST final report 2008).

    So, with all these indicators, would you test for exotic accelerants/explosive residue/Thermite? How could you confirm or rule out the possibility terrorists planted explosives in addition to the aircraft hits?

    Why does N.I.S.T. REFUSE to this day to test for exotic accelerants in the most heinous crime in U.S. history? With the first high rise building collapses in history, why would N.I.S.T. NOT test for accelerants? Especially, with so many indicators, one in which we have lost so many lives, so many Brothers, so many Freedoms, and our Economy. I have not found a single fire investigator who can give a reason other than they didn’t want to find exotic accelerants or they were incompetent! Well, if it was incompetence, we can go back and still test. These scientists have tested…read their results!!
    If you can’t answer why, then please take the time to investigate. Browse our website, and please sign the petition. Our communities trust us. If we let them know this is not how professionals investigate, or how we treat our Brothers and Sisters who gave so much, they will listen. Also, please visit www.FealGoodFoundation.com and learn how to help our Brothers and Sisters in need.

    Many of our Brothers and Sisters are sick and dying from their exposures at Ground Zero, our Country is crumbling. I am asking you to do something much more difficult than fighting a fire. I am asking you to be as professional as you would be on any emergency call. I am asking you to review the evidence surrounding 9-11. I am asking you to join us in demanding an investigation that follows National Standards, and passage of the 9/11 Health and Compensation Act to take care of the sick Ground Zero workers. I am asking you to stand with us to help SAVE OUR BROTHERS, SISTERS AND OUR COUNTRY!
    Erik Lawyer



    This is directly from the 2001 Edition of the National Fire Protection Association NFPA 921 Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations.

    19.2.4 - “Exotic Accelerants. Mixtures of fuels and Class 3 or Class 4 oxidizers may produce an exceedingly hot fire and may be used to start or accelerate a fire. Thermite mixtures also produce exceedingly hot fires. Such accelerants generally leave residues that may be visually or chemically identifiable.

    Exotic accelerants have been hypothesized as having been used to start or accelerate some rapidly growing fires and were referred to in these particular instances as high temperature accelerants (HTA). Indicators of exotic accelerants include an exceedingly rapid rate of fire growth, brilliant flares (particularly at the start of the fire), and melted steel or concrete. A study of 25 fires suspected of being associated with HTAs during the 1981-1991 period revealed that there was no conclusive scientific proof of the use of such HTA.

    Notice how little volume of flame we have, yet a significant amount of molten material that appears to be metal pouring out of the building.

    Notice how little volume of flame we have, yet a significant amount of molten material that appears to be metal pouring out of the building.

    In any fire where the rate of fire growth is considered exceedingly rapid, other reasons for this should be considered in addition to the use of an accelerant, exotic or otherwise. These reasons include ventilation, fire suppression tactics, and the type and configuration of the fuels.”

    NIST denies the existence of molten metal even though we have video and photographic evidence suggesting otherwise. We also have witness testimony from FDNY firemen themselves. Jet fuel and content fires do not produce the temperatures necessary to produce molten steel - that is why NIST has to deny the very presence of molten metal. This is not small stuff. This is a “smoking gun.” NFPA very clearly states melted steel or concrete is a sign of exotic accelerants. Therefore, the debris should have been thoroughly analyzed for exotic accelerants, specifically Thermite.

    Now, remember, the investigation is just that…an investigation. We do not need overwhelming undisputable evidence to test for accelerants. It is very routine to test a house fire for accelerants. So, why at the first and only high rise building collapse sites due to fire, was this not done? How do we get safer buildings and solve crimes if we don’t test for the very things that could have led to the collapse?

    This is not something to walk away from. We have to stand up together and demand a thorough investigation, following the National Standards, and justice.

    Here is the video of NIST denying molten metal even though we have several FDNY members, very clearly stating the presence of molten metal.

    Remember, you are the Jury…Who are you going to believe?


    Remember 19.2.4 says molten steel or concrete - we have BOTH

    Now, eventhough NIST refused to test the debris or dust for exotic accelerants, former BYU Professor Steven Jones and Jeffrey Farrer, a professor of nanochemistry at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, have analyzed several dust samples collected from the surrounding areas immediately following the collapse.

    Click here to see their report which very clearly shows the presence of “exotic accelerants,” specifically “nano-thermite.”

    Click here to read the Deseret News article reporting on their discovery.

    High-order damage is the result of rapid rates of pressure rise.

    High-order damage is the result of rapid rates of pressure rise.


    NFPA 921

    18.3.2 - “High-Order Damage. High-order damage is characterized by shattering of the structure, producing small, pulverized debris. Walls, roofs, and structural members are splintered or shattered, with the building completely demolished. Debris is thrown great distances, possibly hundreds of feet. High-order damage is the result of rapid rates of pressure rise.”

    We see all signs of “high-order damage” in all three building collapses. There is no arguing this. And, it’s very clearly stated “high-order damage is the result of rapid rates of pressure rise.”

    Now if we look at NFPA 921 14.3 “Preservation of the Fire Scene and Physical Evidence” we find the following “the cause of a fire or explosion is not known until near the end of the investigation. Therefore, the evidentiary or interpretative value of various pieces of physical evidence observed at the scene may not be known until, at, or near the end of the fire scene examination, or until the end of the complete investigation. As a result, the entire fire scene should be considered physical evidence and should be protected and preserved.”

    It doesn’t get much clearer than this. This is Investigation-101! For, all those debunkers and detractors who say “it’s obvious” why the buildings came down, I beg to differ, and so does the NFPA -”the cause of a fire or explosion is not known until near the end of the investigation.” We are professionals, we are not supposed to jump to conclusions, and we are not supposed to let political and public factors determine what we do and don’t investigate. We definitely are not supposed to destroy the very evidence that will provide the answers. And, when every indicator in “the book” is screaming “high-order” explosive damage, we have a history of prior explosives use by terrorists in those exact buildings, we have over 100 first responders reporting hearing “secondary” explosions, the fact that evidence was destroyed and this wasn’t investigated thoroughly is nothing short of criminal! It’s time to get real loud about this. Our Brothers were murdered. My fellow firefighters, we can’t afford to brush this off to politics or ignore this anymore. Stand up with Firefighters for 9/11 Truth, demand answers, and justice.


    NFPA 921 “18.12.2 High Exlosives…The effects produced by diffuse phase (i.e., fuel-air) explosions and solid explosives are very different. In a diffuse phase explosion (usually deflagration), structural damage will tend to be uniform and omnidirectional, and there will be relatively widespread evidence of burning, scorching, and blistering. In contrast, the rate of combustion of a solid explosive is extremely fast in comparison to the speed of sound. Therefore, pressure does not equalize through the explosion volume and extremely high pressures are generated near the explosion. At the location of the explosion, there should be evidence of crushing, splintering, and shattering effects produced by the higher pressures. Away from the source of the explosion, there is usually very little evidence of intense burning or scorching, except where hot shrapnel or firebrands have landed on combustible materials.”

    18.12.2 is very clear. Fuel-air explosions (i.e.- JET FUEL) will be relatively widespread and there will be evidence of burning, scorching, and blistering. If the lobby truly “blew out” from the jet fuel explosion we would see extensive burning, scorching, and blistering. And, think about it, the elevator shafts do not stop in the lobby, they went below the lobby, so why did this apparent “fireball” pick the lobby to exit? Now, carefully look at this video, and you be the judge.

    Do you see any signs of burning, scorching, or blistering? On your size-up pay close attention to the plants and the ceiling…do you see ANY soot? is this what you would expect to see after a “jet-fueled fireball” blew out the lobby?

    Does this match the damage we would expect to see with solid explosives? (i.e. crushing, splintering, and shattering effects produced by higher pressures).

    Click here to see the summary of evidence that proves conclusively that 3 World Trade Center buildings should have been tested for “exotic accelerants.” It also establishes the most probable cause of collapse on 9/11/2001 to be the result of controlled demolitions. It makes no attempt to determine why, or to imply by whom.

    Have you ever asked yourself, what evidence does the government have that proves those specific terrorists were behind it? Well, here it is….click on the link below and it will take you to the evidence they have accumulated. Their strongest evidence is shown below.

    The following photographs are from trial exhibits from United States v. Zacarias Moussaoui Criminal No. 01-455-A

    Saudi arabian passport in the name of satam suqami found at the world trade center after the collapse of the buildings

    Saudi arabian passport in the name of satam suqami found at the World Trade Center after the collapse of the buildings

    Here is the CNN article about the discovery.

    Now, remember when the planes flew into the Towers there was a massive fireball that has been officially stated to be the cause of the eventual collapse of the building. So, this passport had to survive the initial fireball without a singe, fly out of the building, and remain in a safe place because it was found after the debris from the buildings blanketed the area.

    Backside of Satam Passport recovered on the street after the collapse of the buildings.

    Backside of Satam Passport recovered on the street after the collapse of the buildings.

    Partial ID card reading ALHAZMI from the Pentagon crash site

    Partial ID card reading ALHAZMI from the Pentagon crash site

    Flight 93 crash site crater

    Flight 93 crash site crater

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia passport for Saeed A A A Al Ghamdi recovered from the United Airlines Flight 93 crash site.

    Paper more fireproof than Titanium?

    Assem-Jarrah business card recovered from flight 93 crash site

    Fireproof Bandana?

    Terrorists were reported to be wearing red bandanas. This bandana was recovered from the Flight 93 crash site.

    More proof of Terrorists from Flight 93 Crash Site

    Terrorist photo from Flight 93 Crash Site

    Recovered from Flight 93 Crash Site

    Recovered from Flight 93 Crash Site

    Terrorist's Driver's License

    Terrorist's driver license recovered from Flight 93 crash site

    Example of Titanium and Steel Engine that was incinerated

    Example of titanium and steel engines that were not identifiable at crash site.

    After looking at the evidence you should come to your own conclusions. And, if you think this doesn’t add up, please read more, sign our petition, and get involved.

    We are not implying the improbable is impossible. As professional firefighters, we have seen many things from fire, accident and crime scenes that don’t “make sense”. What we are suggesting is that there is more than sufficient evidence to doubt the “official” government story. There was no reason to destroy the very steel from all three towers that would have aided in the investigation. There is no reason to withold vast amounts of evidence that would very clearly support or disprove their version (ie: hard evidence proving the make/model/specific registration numbers from the aircraft, or the complete collection of the Pentagon vidoes, specifically any images of a commercial jet flying into the Pentagon). There is a large body of physical, photographic, audio, witness testimony and video evidence that directly contradicts the “official” story. We challenge you to really look at what the goverment has presented versus what many independent researchers have produced.

    Colonel Nelson says it very well.

    Col. George Nelson, MBA, U.S. Air Force (ret) “ Former U.S. Air Force aircraft accident investigator and airplane parts authority. Graduate, U.S. Air Force War College. 34-year Air Force career.

    Licensed commercial pilot. Licensed airframe and powerplant mechanic.

    “In all my years of direct and indirect participation, I never witnessed nor even heard of an aircraft loss, where the wreckage was accessible, that prevented investigators from finding enough hard evidence to positively identify the make, model, and specific registration number of the aircraft — and in most cases the precise cause of the accident. …

    The government alleges that four wide-body airliners crashed on the morning of September 11 2001, resulting in the deaths of more than 3,000 human beings, yet not one piece of hard aircraft evidence has been produced in an attempt to positively identify any of the four aircraft. On the contrary, it seems only that all potential evidence was deliberately kept hidden from public view.



    On September 11, 2001 hundreds of our Brothers had the courage to stand up to the actions of Terrorists, and enter those towers to help rescue people and extinguish fires. 343 firefighters and 60 police officers gave their lives standing up for what they believed in… helping others in their time of need. Well, my Brothers and Sisters, it is our turn to show some courage. We must have the courage to confront the horrors of that day, the humility to consider we don’t know the whole story, the willingness to educate ourselves, and the responsibility to inform others. We must have the courage to stand up to those who are stopping a true investigation into who murdered more than 3,000 innocent civilians and over 400 of our Brothers.

    We must demand answers and accountability for why hundreds of New York Firemen didn’t hear evacuation orders, how 3 towers collapsed so quickly and so explosively, and why thousands of rescue workers and civilians alike were not warned of the extremely dangerous atmosphere that was known to exist.

    If you think the media or our government has given us the answers, think again. If you think this can’t happen again, think again. Seven years later most Americans haven’t even heard of Tower 7. Seven years later, most Americans don’t know thousands more of those rescue workers are sick, and many are dying from their exposures at Ground Zero. Seven years later, the FBI still hasn’t listed Osama Bin Laden as “wanted” for the 9/11 attacks. This is incredible–they are the lead investigators, and they don’t have enough evidence to put him on the “most wanted” list for those attacks? So, why do so many Americans believe he was behind it? Why are we at war over it? Do you know what evidence there is? The destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice, incomplete answers, and abysmal accountability is disgusting and unacceptable.

    We must all look at the evidence with an open mind and make rational unbiased judgments. Remember, you don’t have to be an expert to sit on a jury, and you have the right to be critical of, and demand answers from the “experts”. Take the time to gather facts, and have the courage to ask for more. If you come to the same conclusion as the FBI, and don’t place him on your “most wanted” list, then have the courage to help find those responsible for the deaths of so many of our Brothers and Sisters. We all need to show some courage by demanding answers and justice!!


    Earl Emerson
    30 year veteran Seattle Fire Department
    Author of Vertical Burn, Into the Inferno, Pyro, Firetrap, and numerous other fire novels.

    ….If you’re a firefighter you knew the government was lying that first week when the EPA administrator, Christine Whitman, told the public the air in lower Manhattan was safe to breathe. Any firefighter who’d been on the job more than two weeks knew that was a crock. Now, up to seventy percent of the people working on the site and living in the area have lung disease. There were other, more crucial lies. Cruise this site. Open your mind. For any firefighter, this is the most important website you will visit this year or any other year.

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    Erik Lawyer
    Founding Member
    August 23, 2008

    As Firefighters we immediately respond to, and risk everything for a “Mayday” call. Most Firefighters go an entire career without calling a “Mayday”. We know our Brothers only call one if someone is in serious peril and they can’t handle it themselves. By the Grace of God, I have never had to call a “Mayday” on the fireground or in the air. But, I am calling one now on our soil. “MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY!!!” Our Country, Our sick Brothers and Sisters desperately need your HELP.

    Read the full article
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    Notice: Not all firefighters agree with our position, nor is this website endorsed by the Seattle Fire Department or any other City or Agency employing the firefighters who have signed our petition. These are our individual beliefs.