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The 1972 Hornet was notable for being one of the first American cars to offer a special luxury trim package created by a fashion designer

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Dealer brochures added for 1970 and 1977

New Gallery pictures, wallpapers, and Extras added

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Attention Hornet Community!

The new design for AMCHornet .com is on it's way on Saturday, October 1, 2011!

This site redesign is being accomplished with two goals in mind.

One - Keep it Simple
Two - Create more Community

These goals will be accomplished as follows:

One - Keep it Simple:

  • Smarter and Fresher Look
  • Simplified Menu Navigation
  • Updated Content
  • Functional Photo Galleries and Extras for every model year. Including: Photo Slide Shows, downloads, and RSS Feeds subscription feeds

I'm excited that I finally got around to updated the site but with everything I have going on I wanted to keep it simple for me to maintain going forward. This keeps it simple for me and the content up-to-date for you.


Two - More Community

  • New "Social " page added to web site!
  • New accompanying Facebook Community page with the following exciting features:
    • Discussion Boards
      This will replace the "The Buzz" message page and take advantage of the robust functionality Facebook has to offer.
    • Photos
      This will replace "The Hive" owners gallery by using a photo albums.
    • Access to the Hornet community that only Facebook can provide.
    • You can "Like" from the website's social page.
    • Youtube media links to anything AMC or AMC Hornet

This is all brought together and integrated into the new "Social" page added to! This page will give fans a launchpad on the site were they can stay connected using social networks and media. I'm really excited about this new functionality. I think it will be a great way for all of us to connect like never before and share information about our beloved Hornets like never before.

I hope that you are excited as I am about what's ahead. I lot has changed since I started this site in 2002. I think the new changes will enhance your experience and bring the Hornet community even closer together and make the best gathering place for AMC Hornet Owners and Enthusiast on the world wide web.

Thank you and continue to keep the Hornet spirit alive!

Alexander Ortiz
Bethlehem, PA


Toolbox and tools

AMC Service Center

Attention all Hornet and AMC enthusiasts!

Do you have any technical expertise that you want to share with the Hornet community?

If you do, here is the place to share that knowledge.

Please visit the AMC Service Center and think about contributing to this page. It is a great place where Hornet owners can go and get tips, technical information, how-to resources, and more.


Kangaroo Crossing

Australian Hornets Page Added!

A new page has been added to serve the Hornet community Down Under! It's an interesting look into American Motor's marketing of the Hornet in that country as well as how well the hobby is thriving. Click here to more details.

Join the Club! 
The American Motors Owners Association (AMO) is currently promoting membership and it's benefits and wants to help. Highlights include:
  • The only International Club for AMC enthusiast of all interest
  • International publications
  • Annual International and Regional conventions
  • Recognition of all AMC vehicles from 1958-1988 model years
  • Web Site:

As member's we encourage you to join some of the greatest people in the hobby. Join the club today! Application-> Page 1 | Page 2


A Brief History of the AMC Hornet
The year 1970 was an important turning point in the History of the American Motors Corporation. Since the 1954 merger between the Hudson and Nash companies that gave birth to the company, American Motors had been manufacturing and marketing their products under the Rambler brand name..

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The 70's from American Motors - Hornet

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