The Bedford Project
White Trash Curry Kick
Friday 29 March 2003, 11pm. - CANCELLED

The project organisers wish to advise members of the press and broadcast media of a change in schedule concerning the above event. Due to extraordinary levels of interest at a national level in Andre Stitt's performance, "White Trash Curry Kick", we no longer feel it appropriate to continue with this particular event due to issues of public safety.

That this performance has captured the imagination of the nation leads us to believe that it would be unwise to proceed, not having the necessary resources to marshal the large numbers of onlookers that we anticipate attending.

The unprecedented media interest in this event has meant that a high level of debate has already taken place concerning the ideas behind the performance. The discussion that this has generated has encouraged people to question the behaviour associated with late night revelry in UK town centres.

It has created a lively debate on the subject of the drinking and violence that is so prevalent an aspect of British culture. The reasons for the cancellation of the event perfectly highlight the very issues that the artist's intended performance discusses. For this reason the project has been successful without the Curry Kick needing to actually take place.