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December 3, 2008
This week, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia has been singled out as one of's Best of December, ranking as one of its "Significant Seven" books to watch out for this month. The massive Del Rey book arrives in bookstores next Tuesday, December 9th, and it eclipses all Star Wars reference works that have come before in terms of depth and scale. Three hefty hardcover volumes fill out the slipcase, weighing in at about 11 pounds and over 1,200 pages. Each volume is filled with full color illustrations from over 30+ years of expanding Star Wars fiction.

The original 1997 Star Wars Encyclopedia by Steve Sansweet has been consistently popular, but it was long overdue for an update, especially given how busy the last ten years of Star Wars storytelling have been. The original material from 1977-1997 has not just been updated; it's been largely rewritten and joined by all the new material from 1998-2008. Older material that had previously been ignored -- stuff like the old Russ Manning newspaper strips, Marvel Comics series and some early roleplaying material -- has made its way back into modern continuity, thanks to unexpected recent appearances by Blackhole, Lumiya and the Aing-Tii Monks in the expanded universe, and these characters join their more famous cousins in the text.

The team of authors -- which include Steve Sansweet, Pablo Hidalgo and Dan Wallace with Bob Vitas, Chris Cassidy, Mary Franklin and Josh Kushins -- pored over a galaxy of source material. Even the long ignored "Star Wars Holiday Special" is represented. Heck, Ackmena even gets a photo-illustrated entry! The book includes a timeline overview of galactic history as well as special sidebar illustrations that collect imagery on such topics as Jedi fighting forms, lightsaber hilt styles, R series astromech types, Podracer models and the known "Darths" of the Sith order.

The book is available as an exclusive signed edition from, autographed by all seven authors. Click here to check it out and order a copy. Included below are a number of representative spreads from the book, showing the wide range of sources collected to truly catalog the expanded Star Wars universe.

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