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Uploaded by on Oct 19, 2010

Hövding testar cykelairbagen Hövding hos VTI i Linköping.
Läs mer: http://www.metro.se/2010/10/19/88443/airbaghjalmen-ska-radda-cyklistskalle/


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  • Why doesn't the asshole in the Saab just watch where he is going.

  • And more importantly, the cyclist doesn't damage the car.... :)

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  • byta bostad, sälja dina prylar

    annonsera gratis på


  • if I was wearing one of these when I got hit, I might not have broken the ladies windshield when I hit it with my skull.

  • why do they test only at 16km/h?? At this speed you would be ok without helmet

  • At 3:33 you can actually hear the cameraman laughing :)

  • it's stupid, if you just have a slight shock on your bicycle, the airbag blows up and then you're standing there in the middle of the street with a popcornhead --'

  • He got his airbag but the dumb fuck forgot his shoes!

  • Someone should teach that dummy how to ride a damn bycicle..

  • I question the efficacy of this as well as it registering a false positive crash. If it works well though, and the jacket is comfortable enough, I'd wear this for my colder commutes. About six months of the year I commute in only a t-shirt, so this wouldn't really work.

  • So if you jerk your head back or fowards real fast i assume this thing will go off.

  • considering i would never ware a helmate, and some of the shit i have done while on a bike... i would so get this.

    a normal helmate may be more... fool proof, but this give comfort and an air baggy feel to it too.

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