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Introduction      Springboard America
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Springboard America - Online Paid Surveys Reviews
Springboard America seems to be the Next Big Thing in the online paid surveys world.
We receive 3-4 paid survey invitations each week. Springboard America tipically offers on everage $1 per 5-10 minutes of survey time (we average well over $1 per 10 minutes or $6 per hour). So far most of invitations offered around $3 for about 15-25 minutes and what's most important - we qualified for about 95% of all market research studies that were send to us.
Surveys from Springboard America are always easy and most of the time much shorter than stated in the invitation (so far never longer).  Survey topics include smart phones, politics, today's economy, computer or internet use and other every day issues we all may face in our every day lifes.
It is a new panel therefore we understand the high payout minimum set at $50 (with is quite high). We are members only for a few weeks but we are already almost at the payout minimum.
At first we were very skeptical, but all the signs suggest good things about this new panel. Thanks to a good number of weekly invitations, the ease of qualifying and the fun of completing their surveys we are very confident in our great future relationship with Springboard America.
As soon as we receive our $50 check this panel will be hosted on the top of Legitimate Surveys page together with our other favorite survey sites.
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