HT-2000 - HyperTransport™ SystemI/O Controller with PCI Express®, PCI-X® and GbE

The HT-2000 is targeted at the volume server market with the capability to efficiently span from one-to-eight CPUs without incurring large latencies.

The HT-2000 is a highly-scalable SystemI/O solution for 64-bit/32-bit processors that can be configured to meet OEMs' needs for a variety of product segments. The dual processor configuration shown above can be used for mainstream tower and rack servers. Additional HT-2000 devices can be added to a system to scale to larger multi CPU servers.

  • The HT-2000 integrates dual Broadcom BCM5714 GbE controllers
  • HyperTransport features includes a 2-GHz (1-GHz, 2X) HyperTransport bus interface
  • Multiprocessing SystemI/O controller for the HyperTransport-enabled processors offering integration, performance, reliability, availability, scalability, and modularity
  • Integrates all main server I/O interconnects PCIe™, PCI-X, and GbE