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My Swastika
- a documentary -

Directed by Dominick Crowley

A sacred ceremony was created
in Cobh to ask for a blessing
on reclaiming the swastika as a sacred symbol.
We all put our intentions
into prayer ties with tobacco.

July 2010, I went to Ireland to a Traditional Tattoo
and Culture Festival in Cobh,
promoted by Phil Cummins.

Dominick is interviewing both Friends of the Swastika
and enemies,
Hindus, Buddhists, Pagans and others
who have traditionally used the swastika.
Those who were impacted by WW11 are being interviewed.
Rabbis and skinheads are being interviewed.

I attended the Festival as Guest Speaker, showed slides
about my reasons for reclaiming the swastika.
I talked about the visions and dreams that inspire me
to take on this mission.

My Irish hosts were very hospitable.
I felt like royalty.
They are calling me the father of
the Reclaim The Swastika movement.
I believe I earned that title with my 40 year journey.

It made me feel good to be honored by young people
who weren't even born when I started in 1967.

Many thanks to Phil and Clodagh for hosting this event.

I was interviewed for the My Swastika documentary
and several international tattoo magazines
- Total Tattoo (UK),
Tattoo Revolution (Ireland)
Tatowier (Germany), Tatouage (France).
A gal named Sarah wandered through the crowds
handing out chocolate-coated, marzipan swastikas
like some kind of holy communion.

My wife Astarté created a Swastika Garden.

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Release date for this documentary is Summer 2011

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