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the Swastika

"...Millions will be eternally grateful to you

for your courageous efforts." 

Victor Mair, Professor of Asian Studies, U Penn.

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To Hell With Hitler

Think of the most sacred thing in your life
think of the most precious thing
and put the swastika into that place
Put the swastika into your heart.
Put the swastika on your altar.
Put the swastika on the image you use
to represent God, love, peace, or the cosmos.
Put the swastika on the thing that makes you happy.
You will begin to see what the swastika has meant to humans
over this entire planet for all of our human history.
For these places are exactly the places it occupied
for thousands of years until the Second World War,
when it fell victim to a chronic infection.

I say to hell with Hitler
me and my friends are taking it back!

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Gentle Swastika: Reclaiming the Innocence

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Friends of the Swastika
Friends of the Swastika is a non-political, grass-roots movement
anyone can be a part of.

It is our aim to detoxify the swastika.
Its original meaning is the auspicious blessing at the source of life.  

We declare the swastika to be innocent
of the crimes perpetrated under the Nazi banners.
Five years of war cannot wipe out five thousand years of history.

Photo by Bobby Neel Adams 1989 for RE/Search

How can a symbol be guilty
for the acts of a madman?

This website has no connections to any racist propaganda.
We do not deny the pain and anguish
of the Second World War and the holocaust.
We feel that the time is ripe to put the Nazi decade
into the proper context in full view of the ten thousand years
of suppressed swastika history
and to let the Swastika get on with its benign life.
We invite all, affected by the war,
to look at the evidence for the existence of
a sacred Swastika in the world.

In 1965, I fell into a trance.
My soul soared up into the Womb of the Sacred.
A Swastika made of light, a vortex
of love and endless creativeness embraced me.
This was the homecoming of my soul.

A Wise Old Man in white robes in a dream,
marked my throat with a white Swastika.
He said, "Take this as your sign and redeem it
so it will strike love in all hearts that behold it."

This is how I began my lifelong search
for the historic truth about the Swastika
and my journey to detoxify it from the sins of the Nazis
-- my journey to re-sanctify it.
if there was an image that represented the gods for me,
from this point on, it was the Swastika.
Yes, I choked big time on it
because I was a little boy during the war
and some of my Polish relatives were in Auschwitz.
They were going crazy because I was telling them
that this hated Swastika,
which had "killed millions of people,"
was a sacred symbol for god. 

Edmonton Girl's Hockey Team, 1916 Canada

What was the name of three Canadian hockey teams?
What's the sign that terrorized millions of Jews?
What's the sign found in ancient synagogues?
What was a favorite badge of Boy Scouts?
What's the sign that moved across Europe in a blitzkrieg?
What do Coca Cola, Carlsberg Beer,
and Rudyard Kipling
have in common?

. . . . The Swastika

What was the hood ornament on a Detroit car?
What do Los Angeles lampposts
and Christian catacombs have in common?
What's the ancient sacred symbol
still revered by half the world's population?

. . . . The Swastika

Why did Hitler choose it for his flag?

Did I really sell my skin to Japanese collectors?

Guru Svastika, Douglas Youngblood,

Carolyn O'Neil, and ManWoman

held the first Swastika Conference

in Swastika, Ontario in 1985.

Residents of Swastika, Ontario had to fight hard

to keep their town's name during the Second World War.


"I have now jumped on the redemption bandwagon and wish

ManWoman, his mission, and the Swastika

all the good luck they truly deserve."

DeeDee Delgado, FROM THE ASHES, Phoenix


"I know it's hard to change millions of minds

but it just takes one person to start the war,

which I would like to be a part of."

Alli Fickett, Webster University, St. Louis


"ManWoman demonstrates that the Gentle Swastika

is one of man's best friends...

You will see for yourself how amazingly popular the Swastika

was in the grandmother - grandfather time...

After all, what virtue is there

in keeping a closed mind on the past?"

Jose Arguelles, author , The Mayan Factor.

Note: Friends of the Swastika is an educational page

with no political or racist agenda.

These copyrighted images are posted as a courtesy for information only.

They are not meant to be reproduced in any form,

either personal or commercial without my permission.

Questions regarding reproduction rights may be made via e-mail.

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