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ManWoman's Horoscope
2 February 1938
Born Cranbrook, BC, Canada
Sun, Venus and Jupiter all in Aquarius
Gemini Rising
Moon in Pisces
Mars and Saturn in Aries
Enneagram #3

July 2011 -

-My friend Clayton Patterson of NYC has been interviewed. My painting Swastika Museum, which he owns, shows up in the video. He made my hat which I sewed pearl buttons on.

-Back to Ireland for the 2nd annual Traditional Tattoo and World Culture Festival where I was once again guest speaker.

Aug 2010 -

featured in Knowledge Network TV documentary on BC artists called "cArtographies."

-Trip to Ireland in July to be in "My Swastika", a documentary. Guest speaker at a Tattoo Festival in Cobh, Cork Co. Guest speaker in Denmark at Nakkefestival, an underground music festival.

Sept 2009 -
Bizarre Magazine # 154

June 2009 -
Photo shoot with Bizarre Magazine, London, UK.
See photos by Mark Berry

April 2009 -

I just finished a shoot with The
Knowledge Network and I will be in a new documentary on BC artists. Coming soon. I'll keep you posted.

November 2008 -
My book published in the Czech Republic.

May 2008 -
My book, Gentle Swastika: Reclaiming the Innocence, has been published in Italian, by Coniglio Editore in Rome under the title, "Hitler Did Not Invent The Swastika."

- Check out
my article in Hex Magazine called
The Thunder Sign, the Sacred Swastika in European History

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