"Never express yourself more clearly than you are able to think." -- Niels Bohr

~ Services ~

Jumpgate to the Web
Jumpgate 2
GrimeApe - Userscript Proxy for legacy browsers (files)
Public proxy at: hwi.ath.cx:7152
Personas 3d

~ Graphics ~

Early graphics under DOS
Fiery Spectrum Analyser for Audacious and XMMS (Screenshots)
High detail renders of a Strange Attractor
Animated 4D Julia in JS
3D Mandelbox Explorer in JS (pretty bugs)

~ Other ~

Free and legal mp3s for you to download (thanks to IRate Radio)
Other Copyleft material

~ Software ~

Jsh shellscript library (Latest)
Various Bookmarklets
Userscripts for Greasemonkey (Tarball CVS) (Best Published) GM_xhR for Chrome
X-Chat plugins
VisualJava (Launch!) (src)
JavaWebBrowser (Launch!) (src)
Project ideas
Easily implement VirtualFS in sh (Download)
Repetitive data compressor
UnrealScript (Browse)

Prototypes / patches:
Analogue scrolling with wheel-free mouse
Scaled VNC desktop for low-res VGA

All my other code are belong to CVS [download tarballs]
XSLT stuff

do U )<ssh> || o(putty)o ?

Chat Thingy
11/02/2010 18:53pmmiki::-)
30/03/2010 00:45amatanok:Cool Personas 3d script you got there. I tried the web version with a PNG that's mostly transparent and got back something without an alpha channel at all. I'm not familiar with Imagemagick, but it'd be nice if it could preserve alpha.
30/03/2010 00:49amatanok:It'd also be interesting to see how it deals with APNG. I really need to learn how to use it one day. That, or GIMP's batch mode.
26/05/2010 22:20pmrundata:rundata is cool.
01/12/2010 16:07pmjoey:thanks atanok, i will revisit this when ff4 and personas are ready. it would really be preferable to process persona images in the browser
22/04/2011 22:01pmR2D2:diddle-lubble-lub buuuuuuuu
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