SLPP strongman says “President Koroma deserves a second term in office”

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 Alhaji  Jalloh – Saudi Arabia :

A senior executive member of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), in one of the Gulf States has said over the weekend that “President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma deserves a second term in office.”

“Sierra Leone stands to benefit if President Koroma is given the opportunity to serve another term in office,” the top SLPP man who begged for anonymity said in a statement at an SLPP general meeting held last Saturday, 3rd September, 2011.


The SLPP man  who has just returned from a two- week visit to Freetown said: “The development strides going on in the areas of Health, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Mining and Electricity in our country are very impressive and encouraging,” adding: “ I think President Koroma needs more than five years to implement these meaningful and sustainable development projects in our country.”

The SLPP top executive member further told his audience that: “We need a president with certain qualities to stabilize conditions for the benefit of the ordinary citizen and President Koroma has these sterling qualities.’’ 

The top executive member acknowledges that: “My personal observation during my 12 days stay in Freetown and brief visits to the provincial towns of Bo, Kenema and Pujehun is that: “President Koroma has shown outstanding leadership qualities and commitment to improve the lives of Sierra Leoneans.”

Commenting on the newly elected SLPP leader, Rtd. Brigadier Maada Bio, the SLPP strongman warned:   “Since we cannot be sure of the new driver’s grasp of the terrain and his aptitude to drive us safely, changing of a driver could lead the entire country into a ditch.” 

He, therefore, suggested that: “In the interest of our country, let’s throw our weight behind President Koroma in 2012 and we could try another candidate in 2017”.  He also hastened to warn politicians to stop political bickering and focus on the development of the country. 

“The development strides the country has made will only be sustained under a peaceful environment,” he reiterated.


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