Specialty Brooms

Brooms are made for cleaning, of course, but specialty brooms fill a need in a host of applications and industries. Here are just a few:

Push Brooms:
Some have softer bristles, some have very stiff bristles for cleaning concrete, sidewalks, etc.

Wisk Broom:
A small, hand-held broom or brush, perfect for cleaning up messes in small spaces, also used to create patterns in spackle.

Cement finishing brooms:
Exactly what it sounds like - a broom for finishing cement!

Snow Brooms:
Highly popular and a hardworking tool in many parts of the country, snow brooms are made to push or sweep snow off of cars, roofs, etc. Many have telescoping handles to  assist in getting to hard-to-reach locations.

Electric Brooms:
Not quite a standard broom, not quite a vacume cleaner, an electric broom is usually a cordless device that is perfect for cleaning up floors, rugs, etc.

In each of these categories, there are a ton of shapes, sizes, stiffness and material. There are contractor brooms, angled brooms, industrial straight-edge brooms, street brooms, push brooms, household brooms, stadium brooms…the list goes on and on. There are standard brooms for spring cleaning, huge brooms that belong on street sweepers, tiny brooms made to clean delicate electronic parts, and decorative and craft brooms designed for appearance only!

Oh - let's not forget the brooms for broom ball AND curling!