Other Uses For Brooms

Brooms aren't just for cleaning anymore! Here are a few other uses for the 'lowly' sweeping broom:

  • Curling: Olympic ice sport where a couple of contestants push a heavy weight along the ice with brooms made specifically for that purpose.
  • Broom Ball: Sort of like ice hockey with no skates, puck or hockey stick...just some folks Curling broomson ice with a ball and a broom!
  • Oh, yes...Quidditch, of course!
  • Limbo
  • Wedding Broom - a Welsh tradition where a broom is placed across the doorway of a couples first home. The groom would jump over it first followed by his bride...if the broom was disturbed the marriage was null and void.
  • Home decoration - brooms have been an integral part of home decor for a very, very long time. Also used in arts and crafts projects of all types.

For more information, feel free to at FindABroom.com.