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 Undergraduate Calendar » 21. HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT » 21.3, 21.4
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President and Vice-Chancellor – Dr. Vianne Timmons

Vice-President (Academic) – Dr. George Maslany (to June 30, 2011)

– Dr. Thomas Chase (effective April 1, 2011)

Vice-President (Administration) – David Button

Vice-President (External Relations) – Barbara Pollock

Vice-President (Research) – Dr. Rod Kelln

Associate Vice-President (Academic) – Dr. Lynn Wells

Associate Vice-President (Alumni and Development) – Adrienne Nolan

Associate Vice-President (Facilities Management) – Nelson Wagner

Associate Vice-President (Finance) and Director, Financial Services – Dale Schoffer

Associate Vice-President (Human Resources) – Kelly Kummerfield

Associate Vice-President (Research) – Dr. David Malloy

Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs) – John D. Smith

University Secretary – David Boehm (Acting to March 31, 2011)

– Annette Revet

Registrar – Dr. John Metcalfe



1965 Spring The Right Honourable Lester Bowles Pearson
Rex Herold Schneider
1966 Spring Lois Marshall
Albert William Trueman
1967 Spring Hugh Hamilton Saunderson
Louis Augustus Thornton
Fall Minoru Yamasaki
1968 Spring Walter Hugh Johns
Fall Graham Spry
1969 Spring Max Ferguson
Charles Morley Willoughby
Fall Henry Janzen
1970 Spring Fred G. Bard
Roger Gaudry
Fall Robert D. Symons
1971 Spring H.C. Andrews
Charles W. Gibbings
Fall Hilda Neatby
1972 Spring W.O. Mitchell
Lewis H. Thomas
Fall Irene Salemka
1973 Spring Wallace E. Stegner
J. Wilfrid Tait
Fall William Andrew Riddell
1974 Spring Bernard Amtmann
John Hewgill Brockelbank
Most Reverend Michael Cornelius O’Neill
Fall Donald Alexander Roy McCannell

Spring Robert Newton Hurley (awarded in absentia)
Ernest Luthi
L. Stewart Nicks
Fall Mildred E. Battel
Marjorie R. Dunlop
1976 Spring Dick Bird
John James Deutsch (awarded posthumously)
Fall William George Schneider
1977 Spring Chief David Ahenakew
Mary Ellen Burgess
Fall Albert W. Johnson
1978 Spring Sampson J. Goodfellow
John R. Vernon
Thomas Morrow Ware
Fall Thomas C. Douglas
1979 Spring Emmett Matthew Hall
Everett Clayton Leslie
Fall Rolland Pinsonneault
1980 Spring Elizabeth Roley Cruickshank
Allan Bishop Van Cleave
Fall George C. Solomon
1981 Spring John Hall Archer
Ray Francis E. Harvey
Fall Charles Pocock
George Reed
1982 Spring R. Ross Munro
Francis J. Zillinsky
Fall William Fraser MacRae
1983 Spring Lester Crossman
Henry George Thode
Fall E. Peter W. Nash
1984 Spring Robert R. Ferguson
G.E. Ross Sneath
Fall Frank Lester Bates
Carlyle King
1985 Spring Margaret Catley-Carlson
Kenneth Kramer
Fall Maria Campbell
Allan Gillmore
1986 Spring Edith Fowke
Erich Vogt
Fall George Filson Ledingham
1987 Spring Gordon Currie
William Andrew Robert Orban
Allan Richard Taylor
Fall Clement Greenberg
Gordon W. Staseson
1988 Spring Gladys Maria Marguerite Arnold
Wilma R. Ebbitt
Robert Howard Daniel Phillips
Fall Gerald Keith Bouey
Harold Dietrich
1989 Spring The Right Honourable Alvin Hamilton
Alice Jenner
Wan Li (Special Convocation)
William Francis Ready
Fall Joe Fafard
1990 Spring Derril Gordon McLeod
Norman Ward (awarded posthumously)
Fall Ronald Frederick Yeo
1991 Spring The Honourable Sylvia Olga Fedoruk
Dorothy Goldman
Fall The Right Honourable Jeanne Sauvé
1992 Spring Roberta Lynn Bondar
Ursula Martius Franklin
Fall Robert James Genereux
1993 Spring Anita Raynell Andreychuk
Lloyd Ingram Barber
Most Reverend Jerome Weber
Fall Allan Emrys Blakeney
1994 Spring John Alexander Boan
Dorothy Elsie Knowles
Fall Howard Leyton-Brown
1995 Spring John Douglas Jack Mollard
Fall N.E. William Bill Clarke
1996 Spring Knowlton Nash
Buffy Sainte-Marie
His Excellency Qiao Shi (Special Convocation)
Fall James Fraser Mustard
1997 Spring Gordie Howe
J. Gordon Wicijowski
Fall Rick Hansen
1998 Spring Allen Sapp
The Schmirler Curling Team - Sandra Schmirler, Jan Betker, Anita Ford, Atina Ford, Marcia Gudereit, Joan McCusker
Fall Jaroslav Pelikan
1999 Spring James K. McConica
Theresa M. Stevenson
Fall John Meisel
2000 Spring Sharon Butala
Elsie Stapleford
Fall Hugh E. Robertson
2001 Spring Elizabeth Dowdeswell
Krishna Kumar
Julie Payette
Fall The Regina Five - Ronald Bloor, Ted Godwin, Kenneth Lochhead, Art MacKay (awarded posthumously), Douglas Morton,
2002 Spring Donald Akenson
Jacqui Shumiatcher
Pamela Wallin
Fall Harold MacKay
2003 Spring Michael Ignatieff
The Honourable Judge Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond
Edward Busse
Fall William Perehudoff
  Jing Xinhai
2004 Spring Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal (Special Convocation)
George Meredith Logan
Lorna Jean Crozier
Raymond Marcotte (in absentia)
Fall Thomas Shoyama (televised - in absentia)
Margaret and Ted Newall
2005 Spring Stanley Cuthand
Frederick W. Hill
Gary Hyland
David Courtney Milne
Jean L. Okimāsis
Geoffrey L. Pawson
Joseph Pettick
Ann Phillips
Edith Wiens
Fall The Honourable Roy J. Romanow
2006 Spring The Honourable Dr. Lynda M. Haverstock
The Honourable Edward D. Bayda
Victor Sawa
Fall Peter MacKinnon
2007 Spring Victor Cicansky
Thomas J. Courchene
Fall Catriona Le May Doan
2008 Spring Bonnie DuPont
Eduard Minevich
Robert Moody
Fall --
2009 Spring Connie Kaldor
Anne Luke
Craig Oliver
Fall Lisa Marie Franks
2010 Spring Tom Jackson
Alistair MacLeod
Hayley Wickenheiser
Fall Tom Shepherd


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