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Ringa Ringa has an international feel  
Sandeep H, Sampurn Media
Ringa Ringa
Artist: Kunal Ganjawala, Sukhwinder Singh
Music Director: Ajay Gogavale, Atul Gogavale and Sameer Phaterpekar
Lyricist: Guru Thakur
Label: Nishad Audio
Genre: Regional
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Ringa Ringa being a fast paced psychological thriller lacks the scope of a full blown EP, but that should not disappoint listeners as music directors Ajay-Atul have done a commendable job, despite the lack of situations for songs.

The film, which is essentially an edge-of-the-seat drama, thrives on background score and Sameer Phaterpekar has raised the suspense quotient considerably with his wonderfully orchestrated compositions.

The music gives a Hitchcockian feel, it reminds one of the hit background scores of films like North By North West, Rebecca and Vertigo. Ajay-Atul, working in tandem with Sameer’s background score, saw to it that they bring an international feel to the music of the film. Layered with western orchestration, the composition seems to be inspired by symphonies and is unlike any of Ajay-Atul’s previous work. Seems they have switched lanes gracefully as they go from Maharashtrian folk of Natarang to Ringa Ringa.

Sung with great verve and enthusiasm by Kunal Ganjawala, ‘Bai Ga Bai Ga’ has good peppy beats with shades of Goan carnival music and Brazilian folk and Lambada music. The lyrics by Guru Thakur are a bit grungy, but the ‘tapori’ feel is quite catchy. The track has all the commercial elements right in place to make it a sure shot chartbuster.

The second song has a surprise in store with Sukhwinder Singh singing in Marathi for the soulful song ‘Ghe Savroon’, which is a ballad of sadness and despair. A heart wrenching plea to god, ‘Ghe Savroon’, is sure to stay long with the listeners. The lyrics by Guru are quite poetic and lend a spiritual dimension to the track.

Once again we see the magic of poetry weaved perfectly into music. Guru Thakur and Ajay-Atul, who have earlier worked together in Saade Maade Teen, De Dhakka and Natarang, have made themselves quite a formidable combination as far as music for Marathi films is concerned. Deflecting from their usual lavanis or tamasha pradhan they deliver a splendid performance in Ringa Ringa, which has a distinct western sound.

his just strengthens the belief that music has no boundaries, as Ajay-Atul prove that they are not only good at delivering regional flavour, but if given an opportunity they can lend an international sound to their compositions.

With a balanced use of percussions and strings they have evened out the sound to a great extent. Composed two songs with singers who are not well versed in Marathi is in itself a huge achievement.
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