139 Solo Cross Forged Hollow Polished Black Trucks

139 Solo Cross Forged Hollow Polished Black  Trucks
139 Solo Cross Forged Hollow Polished Black  Trucks 139 Solo Cross Forged Hollow Polished Black  Trucks 139 Solo Cross Forged Hollow Polished Black  Trucks 139 Solo Cross Forged Hollow Polished Black  Trucks
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independent Sizing
Truck SizeHanger (mm)Axle (in)Board Range (in)
129127.007.67.4" - 7.75"
139137.0087.75" - 8.25"
149150.008.58.25" - 8.75"
169160.008.98.75" - 9.75"
215183.00109.75" and up
September 25, 2011
Ive been riding indi 139 lows, with a 8.125 deck. I now skate 8.25 so i wanna but a size up in trucks.... will there be a big difference in height, and would it be hard to get used to?
NHS Fun Factory replied
You are going to feel a difference but it shouldn't be hard getting used to. We suggest not getting bigger wheels when you move to the higher trucks because then the difference would feel more dramatic.
September 25, 2011
Would a 139 truck fit a 7.275 deck
NHS Fun Factory replied
7.275 would be too small for a 139. We'd suggest a 129.
September 25, 2011
I have been riding indys since i started skateboarding 16 years ago. hands down indy are the sh#t!
September 20, 2011
i ride a 8.25-8.30 is a 139 ok . i like to keep it lite ?
NHS Fun Factory replied
139's will fit that size great. That's what we'd ride for that size deck.
September 17, 2011
do these come in low?
NHS Fun Factory replied
This specific style is available in standard height only.
September 17, 2011
(5 stars)
im in New Zealand waited 2 weeks for these to come from the States, totaly worth the wait! i skate a 7.90 and i got 139s with 53mm wheels , just so good!
September 11, 2011
wich one fits best to a 8.125 board?
NHS Fun Factory replied
We'd recommend 139's for that width of board.
September 5, 2011
is it good to ride 139s on a 8.5 width board
NHS Fun Factory replied
They will work but for an 8.5 we'd recommend 149's to fit the board closer to the width.
August 27, 2011
mine should arrive tomorrow, very excited!
August 3, 2011
What is better for the board 8.25
139 trucks or 149?
NHS Fun Factory replied
Both are fine.

It comes down to prefrence on this one.

I ride a 8.25 with 139's

A lot of people ride 149's on a 8.25.

I dont like seeing my axle nuts so i ride 139's.
You would see your axles with 149's.
149's = more hanger for grinding...
139's = less hanger for grinding..

if you have a bigger foot you might like the 149's..

July 28, 2011
How much lighter are these?
July 27, 2011
(5 stars)
Got my first pair a week ago and they are by far my favorite truck!!! Indy is the shit
July 23, 2011
is 139 ok for a 7.75 deck or 129 which will work for me
NHS Fun Factory replied
You would be fine with either size.
July 19, 2011
is independent trucks 100% made in USA or are they made out side of the country alot of my friends and people told me that there made out side the USA
NHS Fun Factory replied
We get the forged baseplates from over seas..
everything else is USA
July 18, 2011
What is the right size to match Independant trucks from the late 80's/early 90's? Thanks.
NHS Fun Factory replied
Any of the Independent Standard Silver series trucks will be the closest match.

Hope this helps... enjoy!
May 12, 2011
149 or 169???
NHS Fun Factory replied
on what?
May 10, 2011
Are these any different from the other forged hollow trucks?
NHS Fun Factory replied
just the colors
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