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At ALA, we understand that buying a GAP Insurance policy can often be complex, and we pride ourselves on giving open and honest feedback to our existing and potential customers to help them fully understand the options available.

We also work in partnership with insurance companies to agree insurance estimates should your car be written off or stolen, so we can guarantee that we pay out the total shortfall, ensuring you are not left out of pocket.

If you have any particular questions, we are always happy to help.

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"I originally bought a GAP policy with the car through VW. They quoted £749 for 3yr policy, I managed to get them down to £679 which I thought was good until I visited your site. I got an identical policy for £93! Needless to say the Car Salesman was keen to discredit the policy as it was online, but what do they know? What a bargain!!"
James Rotchell

Why ALA GAP Insurance policies are better than the rest

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If you are able to find cheaper GAP Insurance elsewhere for a comparable product, we guarantee to beat the price by 20% of the difference!

GAP Insurance - What Is It?

With car values depreciating as soon as you drive them off the forecourt and the constant risk of accidents, it is important that you protect your investment.

Read our article to find out what GAP insurance is and why it's worth purchasing online.

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Why it pays to shop around for the best GAP Insurance deal

'Rip off Britain' - a BBC consumer advice programme ran an item recently, exposing how dealers are ripping off consumers by charging exorbitant premiums for GAP Insurance.

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GAP Confusion

Is Gap Insurance Worth It?

GAP Insurance will protect you if you write off your vehicle. GAP Insurance will ensure that you are not left out of pocket if you have a total insurance loss by covering any shortfall between your insurance pay out and the amount outstanding on the finance agreement.

Over half a million cars are stolen each year, most of these are written off or vandalised. Add to that the large number of accidents each year and you could be the next person to suffer a vehicle write off. A GAP Insurance policy will cover you against financial loss should your car be stolen and/or written off.

Most of us think our Comprehensive Motor Insurance covers us if our vehicle is written off... THINK AGAIN!

If your vehicle is written off your motor insurer will only pay the current market value for your vehicle!

So what happens if the current market value is not enough to replace your vehicle or pay off your finance or contract hire agreement?

Simple, there is a financial GAP that you will have to pay out of your own pocket:

Why should I purchase GAP Insurance?

  • UK Car Crime is a third of all crime
  • A vehicle is stolen every minute, 33% of these are never recovered
  • Cars depreciate by up to 77% over a 3 year period
  • Motor insurance settlements are always less than the price you pay for your car
  • When a write off occurs you lose out and have to raise the funds for any short fall
  • Write offs occur all too often; protect yourself

Is gap insurance worth it?

Original Cost of your car: £20,000
Deposit: £2,000
Amount of loan: £18,000

One year later the car is stolen or is in an accident and declared a total loss.

Amount still owing to your finance company: £12,000
The insurance company pays you only: £7,000
Amount of loan: £18,000

At a minimum this leaves you with a financial GAP of £5,000!


GAP Insurance Quote

Back To Invoice

In the event of a write off this will pay the difference between your motor insurance payout and the original price of your car. Using the example above it would pay you £13,000

» Click here for details and to buy Back To Invoice Insurance online


Contract Hire GAP Insurance

In the event of a write off this will pay the difference between your motor insurance payout and the amount outstanding on your finance/contract hire agreement. Using the example above it would pay £5,000

» Click here for details and to buy Contract Hire GAP Insurance online

Vehicle Replacement Insurance

In the event of a write off this will cover the difference between your motor insurance payout and the cost of replacing your vehicle to the exact specification, even if the price of the new replacement car has increased.

» Click here for details and to buy Vehicle Replacement Insurance online

It doesn't just apply for cars either, we also offer:

Agreed Value GAP Insurance
If you have owned your car or van for more than 45 days or have bought the vehicle privately.

Van GAP Insurance
Vans are often the workhorses of small businesses and tradesmen — our van gap insurance will ensure you are covered if your van is written off.

Fleet GAP Insurance
Protect your vehicle fleet against unforeseen circumstances on the road and as a result, against unforeseen costs.

Motorcycle GAP Insurance
Whether used for work or pleasure, donít risk suffering a financial shortfall or a loss of your investment (if the bike is owned outright) if your motorcycle is written off.

Scooter GAP Insurance
Specifically designed for Scooters, helping younger riders avoid financial risk if it is written off.

Most of us think our Comprehensive Motor Insurance covers us if our vehicle is written off... THINK AGAIN - you do need GAP Insurance for complete cover.