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  LBNL Data Intensive Computing Group and The University of Kansas ITTC

The Enable project is a DOE Research Project to build an adaptive monitoring infrastructure, a monitor data publishing mechanism, and monitor data analysis tools. We are developing a "Grid" service that will provide both of these capabilities. The overall goal of this work is to  provide manageability, reliability, and adaptability for high performance applications running over wide-area networks. The PIs are Brian Tierney (LBNL) and Joseph Evans (KU)

A main component of Enable project is the Enable network advice server. An Enable server can installed on any data source host (e.g.: a FTP server), and configured to monitor the network paths from that host to a set of client hosts (or to scan FTP logs for a list of client hosts to monitor). The Enable server monitors throughput and delay values, and can be queried by client applications to get the optimal TCP buffer size to use for a given path.



LBNL Open-Source License


  • A PDF version of the UML model is also available.
  • For more information, see the design note s and the README file.
  • A current changelog is maintained to keep track of current modifications being made to Enable-0.2.

Enable API documentation:

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