Hello. I'm Tom Stuart, a PhD candidate in the CPRG/TSG at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. During 2006 I was at Intel Research Cambridge (RIP).

I am interested in the semantics and implementation of programming languages (particularly strict pure functional ones) and type systems (particularly substructural — e.g. linear — ones). My research is being supervised by Alan Mycroft.

I'm also interested in teaching computer science. In previous terms I have supervised Computation Theory (with notes), Compiler Construction, Logic and Proof, Discrete Mathematics and Types (with notes). In Lent 2006 I lectured Optimising Compilers (with slides, notes and an exciting competition); response was favourable, so I lectured it again in 2007, to another favourable response.

I am a member of Robinson College and a happy Fresh OCaml user. I like people and other animals. I do some UK Ruby on Rails consulting. When I'm working, I enjoy “Types and Programming Languages”, “Advanced Topics…”, “Principles of Program Analysis”, “Proofs and Types” and whatever I can find on CiteSeer; when I'm not, I enjoy Leisure Town, Girls Are Pretty, The Perry Bible Fellowship, mnftiu and (guiltily) Piled Higher and Deeper.

If you want to talk to me, you can email me at tom.stuart@cl.cam.ac.uk, drop into my Lab office (FC13), phone me on +44 (0)1223 763556 or write to me at “Computer Laboratory, William Gates Building, 15 JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge CB3 0FD, United Kingdom”.

I last updated this page on Sunday, the 13th of July 2008. My current status is, only semi-euphemistically, “writing up”.