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Father Ted: News and Facts

(Updated 1999-01-06)

Favourite episode

The priest-chatback list was polled a while ago about which episode they liked the best (that's the kind of thing we get up to - we're a maaaad crowd!).

Here's the results (courtesy of Annamae Lang):

  1. A Song For Europe (22%)
  2. Are You Right There, Father Ted? (19%)
  3. Good Luck, Father Ted and Speed 3 (11%)
  4. The Old Grey Whistle Theft, New Jack City, The Plague, Kicking Bishop Brennan Up The Arse, and Cigarettes, Alcohol & Rollerblading

Now you know.

Award! Award!

Father Ted nearly won another clutch of back-slaps at the British Comedy Awards on 1998-12-12. The show was up for 'People's Choice Best Comedy', and both Ardal and Dermot for a Best Comedy Actor. 'One Foot in the Grave' just pipped it for Best Comedy, which rather speaks for itself. Steve Coogan took the Best Comedy Actor award, perhaps fortunately (how could you choose between Dermot and Ardal?).

If you already like Father Ted, you don't need an award to tell you it's good. If you don't, an award is unlikely to make you change your mind. If you've never heard of it, then you have now...

How's the son?

A Sun-reading correspondent informs me that a book is out by Dermot Morgan's sons, called 'Our Father'. The content is unlikely to be controversial but it might just possibly be worth a read. If anyone's shelled out for a copy let me know what you thought.

I could have you killed...

...if you don't take part in our exclusive new thing. Tedheads are invited to submit questions to writers Graham and Arthur, who will answer any, or none, of them in the Examiner. See the FEQ page for further details.

Like a train in the night

Graham and Arthur's latest venture, a sketch show called 'Big Train', featuring Amelia Bulmore, Mark Heap and Kevin Eldon among others, recently ran on BBC2. Reaction to the show was mixed: the priest-chatback crowd like it, thinks it stinks. I think it's terrific. Which just goes to show something or other deep and important about comedy.

Great lines:

"You do know I'm an evil hypnotist?"

"Jockeys. Somethin' musta spooked 'em."

Feck this... feck that...

Ardal's novel 'Talk of the Town' is now, or will be soon, available in bookshops.

``Set in the Irish town of Castlecock, where gossip is gold dust, the darkly comic tale of eighteen-year-old Patrick Scully who, home for the weekend from his miserable life in Dublin, creates havoc one night whilst drunk and must live to endure the deeply embarrassing consequences. Debut novel from the award-winning comedian and star of Channel 4's Father Ted. 'So funny, I nearly choked laughing' John Peel.''
Many thanks to Father Garret Cotter for that information.

Careful now

The Mirror, of all papers, reports that the final episode of Father Ted achieved Channel 4's highest ever audience figures (7.14 million). By comparison, Friends had peak ratings last year of only 6 million. You might think that the obvious explanation for this is that Father Ted is funny, whereas Friends is a bag of shite. But in that case how do you explain the popularity of Coronation Street?

(Thanks to our special reporter Simon Tyers)

Going to America

Father Ted is to be remade in America, according to a recent Usenet posting:
From: xxxx@xxxx.xx.xx (Jonathan Mock)
Newsgroups: alt.comedy.british
Subject: US remake of Father Ted?
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 1998 08:55:34 +0100

This just in...


US television chiefs are said to be planning a Stateside version of the hit
Irish comedy show "Father Ted"

Renamed "Ted", the show switches the location from a small island of the
coast of Galloway to a New York apartment block. The characters - Father
Ted Crilly, Father Jack Hackett and Father Dougal Maquire - will all be
made much younger, to appeal to the 20-something audience. The roles of Ted
and Jack are said to have been already cast, but several African/American
actors are still being auditioned for the role of Dougal, the streetwise,
rapping priest.

The characters are also joined by Mr Doyle - Ted's ex-wife - and their 5
year old child-prodigy son Billy, both from his previous life before he
became a priest, but who still live with him. Ted has to constantly keep
them hidden when his boss - Bishop Brennan - visits, leading him and the
other priests into hilarious scrapes.

"Ted" looks set to follow in the success of other US makeovers of hit
British shows like "One Foot in the Grave", "Men Behaving Badly" and "The
Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin".

The show is expected to hit US screens in early April next year.

Father Ted MOO available

That's right, you can now become a denizen of the virtual Craggy Island. For more information consult the web site or connect now!.

Linehan & Mathews Interview

Arthur and Graham were interviewed recently in the Irish Independent. The salient points, courtesy of Ciaran Conliffe:

US video availability

Good news and bad news. The bad news is 'BritTV Video Services' of Chicago have closed down. The good news is, NTSC-format tapes are now available from 'UK Stuff' - the address is on the 'Where's It On?' page.