Limited Edition Horus Heresy audio boxset

Limited Edition Horus Heresy audio boxset
Limited Edition Horus Heresy audio boxset

About the boxset

It is the dawn of the 31st Millennium, and mankind is set to enter a glorious new golden age. The triumphant Emperor has nominated his primarch son Horus as Warmaster, tasked with continuing the Great Crusade which will reconquer the galaxy in the name of the Imperium. But dark forces move within the shadows – several of Horus’s brothers remain jealous of his favour, and others still have turned to serve new masters. A war is coming that will decide the fate of the galaxy, and Horus is the key. If he falls, Chaos will reign unchallenged across the stars... The opening trilogy of the New York Times bestselling Horus Heresy series comes to life in these action-packed audiobooks: Horus Rising, False Gods and Galaxy in Flames. The story continues with the exclusive short audio Little Horus, which is only available on CD in this limited edition boxed set.

  • The abridged opening trilogy of The Horus Heresy series read by Martyn Eliis
  • Listen to Galaxy in flames, three months before its available anywhere else
  • Contains the bonus CD ‘Little Horus’
  • Supplied in a limited edition collectable case, only 2000 available worldwide

Listen to an extract from Horus Rising now

November 2011 • ISBN 9781849702188

Dan Abnett, Graham McNeill, Ben Counter


$ 89.85

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Just a query...

Rated 5 out of 5 by Rob

These books were amazing, and the foundation of an absolutely great series. Will these audio cds be abridged or unabridged?

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