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For relatives we may have never known or cannot know no, more:

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War Bulldog Completed as TREGENNA, Hain SS Co, St. Ives

Built by Wm. Gray and Company Limited, West Hartlepool, under yard no 915, for the Hain of St. Ives line

 01-05-1919 Launched under the name of WAR BULLDOG for The Shipping Controller. she was purchased by Hain in July 1919 and completed as TREGENNA. Tonnage 5.242 gross, 3.201 net., dimensions 400.1 ft. x 52.3 ft. x 28.4ft.  Fitted with a triple expansion 3 cylinder steam engine, manufactured by Central Marine Engine Works, West Hartlepool. 517 n.h.p., speed 11 knots. Further details:-  Yard 915 Tregenna

17-09-1940 Under the command of Captain William Thomas Care she was torpedoed by the German submarine U-65  off the Rockall in a position 58 22N 15 42W. She was on a return voyage from Philadelphia to Newport, Monmouthshire with Convoy HX71, with a cargo of 8000 tons of steel at the time of her sinking. Captain William Thomas Care and 32 men were lost,  four survivors were picked up.

Source: Hain of St. Ives by K.J.O'Donoghue and H.S. Appelyard.
Dictionary of Disasters at Sea during the age of steam 1824-1963.





Names supplied by Billy McGee

Those That Crossed The Bar - 17th September 1940

William Thomas Care 45 009089 Master Barry, South Wales
Thomas David Newberry 38 1031967 Able Seaman Cardiff, South Wales
John Africa 45 990639 Donkeyman Sierra Leone
Joseph Fullam Campbell 20 R194420 Third Engineer Officer Edinburgh
John Cole 47 894680 Fireman West Africa
Lincoln Redvers Cooper 40 994329 First Radio Officer West Kirby, Cheshire
Antoni John Da Cruz 57 518965 Fireman St Vincent
Tom Dixon 56 939715 Fireman Sierra Leone
Robert Buchanan Duff 20 Apprentice Alerton, Liverpool
Wilfred Edwards 49 796504 Fireman Jamaica
Stanley Benjamin Fisher 24 R156975 Third Officer Newport, Monmouthshire
John George Gibson 28 R113939 Second Engineer Officer North Shields, Northumberland
T Goddard 19 Mess Room Boy Redcar
Emanuel Grech 42 1034980 Carpenter Malta
James Greenway 62 255656 Boatswain Kinsale, Co Cork, Irish Republic
Edward Hopkins 21 Ordinary Seaman Cardiff, South Wales
Hugo Karlsson 53 703486 Able Seaman Nalmo, Sweden
Joseph Laurent 34 R20585 Fireman St Lucia, West Indies
William Francis Joseph Mercia 20 R135761 Assistant Cook Cardiff, South Wales
Charles Nicholls 33 R24632 Chief Officer Plymouth
James Bruce Nicholson 50 923739 Steward Middlesbough
Michael O'Brian 26 R181980 Ordinary Seaman Arklow, Co. Wicklow, Irish Republic
Anton Olin 47 825369 Able Seaman Russia
Godfrey Charles Reynolds 30 1134836 Able Seaman Merhyr Tydfil
Trevor Roberts 19 Fourth Engineer Officer Aintree, Liverpool
Kenneth Rouncefield 16 Apprentice St. Ives
James Smith 45 899688 Fireman Jamaica
Dennis  Swalwell 15 Cabin Boy Middlesbrough, Yorkshire
Arthur Edward Thomas 26 R83931 Ships Cook Trecynon, Aberdare
John Trybest 56 504721 Fireman Grangetown, Cardiff
William Cox Veal 45 993369 Chief Engineer Officer St Ives, Cornwall
Samuel Walker 61 220064 Fireman West Africa
Ross Charles Cole 24 B1597 Able Seaman Kalinga, Brisbane, Australia

Those who survived

Harry Pearson 44 670233 Second Mate Aston under Lyne
F Murray 18 Second Radio Officer Buckie
William John Thomas 22 R109084 Sailor Bargoed, Mid Glamorgan
Phillip Ramsey 56 353049 Able Seaman East Haven

Not on board at time of sinking

George Williams  44 R100159 Hospital Philadelphia  (31/8/40) Sierra Leone

 You will find a copy of the ships last crew list at The National Archives at Kew held under the ships Off. No. 142570.

Digital copy of ship No 147520

Survivors were picked up by HMS Fleetwood

If  you are related to, or knew any of the above we would be very happy to hear from you.


Position of the SS Tregenna when torpedoed by U-65

Map courtesy of Great Circle Mapper - Karl L Swartz
This map should only be used as a rough guide



Operations information for U-65

Hans-Gerrit von Stockhausen

Sunk 28th April 1941 in the North Atlantic

South-East of Iceland in position 59.51N, 15.30W

by depth charges from the British destroyer HMS Douglas

50 dead - All hands lost

French U Boat Bases

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Seirbis onorac sa Muir-tractala 1939-46

[ Service with honour in the Irish Mercantile Marine 1939-46]

GREENWAY Boatswain, James, S.S. Tregenna  (St. Ives) Merchant Navy
17th September 1940. Age 62. 
Son of  the late James and Mary Greenway of Kinsale, Co Cork, Irish Republic
O'BRIEN, Ordinary Seaman, MICHAEL, S.S. Tregenna (St. Ives) Merchant Navy
17th September 1940. Age 26.
Son of Patrick and Mary O'Brien, of Arklow, Co. Wicklow, Irish Republic

Quote Kinsale Mayor, Tomas O Brien : "Many a young Kinsale man left to go to Barry, which to them was the gateway to the world. For some it was the first time they had left their native town, and their families survived on the money they sent home. "Some settled in Barry and have families there today. Many others died in the wars while serving in both the Royal and Merchant Navies." This is Barry. Thursday 1 September  2005


Remembered with honour


   Panel 110



In Memory of:   JAMES  AND THOMAS

GREENWAY Boatswain, James, S.S. Tregenna  (St. Ives) Merchant Navy
17th September 1940. Age 62
Son of  the late James and Mary Greenway of Kinsale, Co Cork, Irish Republic

NEWBERRY, Able Seaman, Thomas David, S.S. Tregenna (St. Ives) Merchant Navy

17th September 1940. Age 38

Son of Thomas David Newberry & Mary Jane Newberry of Cardiff, South Wales

Died before your time. Proud to be related.

Your grand-nephew - Paul


Remembered with Honour

GREENWAY, Boatswain, Thomas, S.S. Daybreak (West Hartlepool), Mercantile Marine
24th December 1917. Age 47



Medal Entitlement

BT 395 records the medals claimed and issued, rather than the entitlement to medals, which is held at the Registry of Shipping and Seamen (RSS). Remember that these medals were not issued automatically, but had to be claimed. If you are enquiring about a seaman's entitlement you should begin by contacting the Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen at:

Registry of Shipping and Seamen
Maritime and Coastguard Agency
Anchor Court
Keen Road
CF24 5JW
TEL: 029 20448800
FAX: 029 20448820

The RSS holds the most up-to-date records relating to the award of medals to merchant seamen during the World War Two. If they cannot find an entitlement listed and you would like to check whether there is one, they can advise you about the evidence they need. Have a look at the research guide Merchant Seamen: Medals and Honours in the Catalogue for more details and how to gather evidence. Please note that the medal papers retained by the RSS are no longer complete.


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Merchant Navy Day

On this day, 3rd September, every year from the year 2000 onward, hopefully, the Red Ensign will be seen flying proudly from both public and private buildings throughout the united Kingdom. This will remind the nation of our maritime heritage.


The first ever Merchant Navy Day, the 3rd of September 2000. The Recognition of this Day will change the nations perspective of all merchant seafarers.

Let us use the momentum of this change to further develop the reputation of the Merchant service. We are all proud to be part of an extraordinary

Through war and conflict, exploration and trade, suffering and sacrifice the Merchant Navy and its seafarers helped to develop a nation and secure
the freedoms we all now enjoy. Those Merchant Seafarers, who gave the ultimate sacrifice, have never been properly acknowledged or recognised, and nor have those who survived.




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We welcome onboard Mr. David Simpson and look forward to posting the results of his research.

"I am indebted to Fred Hortop, for inspiring me to carry on in a very small way, his work."  David Simpson. 
Fred Hortop, recently crossed the bar. He had done so much to ensure that the people of Barry could pay their respects to her heroes.
David intends to carry on the work of Mr Hortop adding details to his research, via the internet.  David went to sea himself at the age of 15 in 1940. We welcome onboard Mr. David Simpson and look forward to posting the results of his research.
"There are no graves: no crosses: no where a loved one can shed a tear: We should remember them."  David Simpson

David has a new web site and can be found at :



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The Strike Across the Empire

Link:   Strike Across The Empire, 1925 - Baruch Hirson and Lorraine Vivian ...

An important report on what seems to be the hidden or lost International / Empire Seamen's Strike in 1925

A fascinating and detailed account of a little known international seamen's strike in 1925, lasting over 100 days and spreading from Britain to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

 The strikers confronted the shared hostility of governments, employers and union leaders alike. The text also deals with how the racism prevalent in the labour movement affected the conduct and outcome of the strike.

 "THIS IS A STRIKE that has vanished from history. In August 1925, the seamen of Britain, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand walked off their ships in protest against a ten per cent wage cut. It was one of the few genuinely international strikes, directed against a powerful international cartel.

 One would have expected it to be widely debated.  Yet, newspaper coverage apart, history has largely been silent.



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