The Duggars Religion

The Duggars Religion

The Duggars Religion

The Duggars Religion

The Duggars Religion. Jim Bob and Michelle first met when Michelle experienced a religious conversion and Jim Bob, along with another church member, were sent for follow-up visits. The Duggars Religion. The Duggars elected to delay having children and practiced birth control.They then resumed using birth control; despite precautions, Michelle conceived again but suffered a miscarriage. Believing the miscarriage was due to the contraceptive, the Duggars quit birth control. The Duggars Religion. Thereafter, approximately every year and a half, Michelle gave birth.

The Duggars Religion. The Duggars are conservative Baptists, and due to their fundamentalist biblical beliefs, they practice the following: The only television the family watches are wholesome family programming on DVDs, and various historical events.The Duggars Religion.  The male family members keep their hair cut short (by cutting their own hair to save money), while the females keep their hair long. The Duggars Religion. Also, the young man seeks permission from the young woman’s father to become engaged.

They are Independent Baptists. The Duggars Religion.  Josh and Anna were married in a Baptist church. The Duggars also are associated with a Conservative Christian movement called Quiverfull. The Duggars Religion. Quiverfull families try to have as many children as possible and do not use any birth control.They just have as many children as “God intends them to have.”





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