Dundanion Castle



Dundanion Castle is on a large rock overlooking the Marina.

The Irish name indicates that a fort, probably belonging to the O'Mahony family stood on the rock in olden times, probably before 800.

The castle appears to have been built by the Galways in the 16th century. They were an influential family in the life of the city at that time. It is clearly marked as "Galwaies castle" in a map of the city of 1585.

William Penn, the Quaker, sailed from Dundanion on his first voyage to America in 1682 on his way to found the state of Pennsylvania.

Dundanion Castle is the only true castle which remains within the city area. It is beside the first bridge after the Atlantic Pond over the old railway track and can be accessed officially through Dundanion House at the moment or (unofficially) by scrambling up the side of the bridge.

Dundanion Castle was taken over by the Board of Works in the 1980's.

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