Using Rubbing Alcohol to Clean Home Electronics

Charlie Bradley

Rubbing alcohol is one of the most versatile substances we can use for cleaning stains, disinfecting surfaces, and remove stubborn odors from surfaces and from the air in our homes and cars. There are also many handy ways we can use rubbing alcohol to care for our home electronics including our television screens, computer monitor screens, stereo equipment, and computer peripherals. Here are some handy ways to use alcohol to care for your home electronics.

After hours of continuous play of video cassette tapes and audio cassette tapes, the playback heads on the tape decks of VCRs and tape players become stained with magnetic tape dust particles. This leads to poor picture and sound reproduction in our VCRs and cassette tape players. You don't need to buy expensive head cleansers to clean the playback heads on your VCR or tape player. Simply dab a little rubbing alcohol on a Q-Tip and clean the rolling heads of your tape players. Leave the tape deck doors open for about ten minutes so that the alcohol can clean and evaporate. Let the alcohol evaporate and then enjoy the playback of your Video cassettes and cassette tapes.

Over time the screens on your computer monitor and television can become caked with dust. This can lead to the picture becoming foggy, blurry, and generally difficult to view and enjoy. You don't need to buy expensive cleaners and wipes to restore brilliant picture quality on your computer monitor or television screen. Mix together a solution of one part vinegar and two parts rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Spray a thin coating on the screen. Let the coating of spray set on the screen for one to three minutes and wipe a way with soft cloth or a piece of Kleenex or toilet tissue.

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  • Pimp 1/14/2010

    Awesome Nigga!!!

  • Crutnacker 3/6/2008

    Nice tips here. Rubbing alcohol and a match REALLY cleans things up.

  • jcorn 3/6/2008

    I really liked this one, thanks! Your tips are much appreciated in this household.

  • Orchiolum 3/5/2008

    Very helpful information.

  • Amy Brantley 3/4/2008

    Great advice! I've used alcohol to clean several electronic devices before :)

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