Zuzula - Chris Rael
Chris Rael
Pop   /   ...well, SORTA Pop /   New York City
Eclectic singer-songwriter, founder of NYC Indo-pop group Church of Betty, progressive, chamber, film & theater music. "A musician of astonishing breadth and expression" (GirlsOn.com) ... "Irresistible" (NY Times) ... "Brilliant" (Billboard) ... "Chris Rael has consistently blended rock and Indian music better than any western guitar guy, ever" (Village Voice)
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Blood and Roses Seminal sitar rock from Church of Betty�s �Comedy of Animals� (1998) 4.9 MB $0.99
Carmen Baby Haunting music for theater, from Penny Arcade�s �Bad Reputation� (1999) 13.1 MB $0.99
Cranberry Street Elegant live studio recording, title cut of 'Cranberry Street' (2005) 3.5 MB $0.99
Cross of Gold One of Chris�s most popular songs for many years (this version recorded 2001) 6.2 MB $0.99
Crystal Ball Orchestral waltz from Church of Betty�s �Tripping With Wanda� (2002) 4.2 MB $0.99
Diamonds in Sunshine New sitar pop from 'Cranberry Street' (2005) 4.8 MB $0.99
Fallen Arrow Inspired Indo-cover of Karla Schickele�s beautiful pop song (1998) 5.5 MB $0.99
Flowers Pushing Up Euphoric psychedelia from �Tripping With Wanda� (2002) 6.5 MB $0.99
Fruit on the Vine Latest and finest version of one of Chris's best, from 'Cranberry Street' (2005) 4.0 MB $0.99
Gopal's Fantasy Fun Bollywood parody music from the Gigantic Pictures film �Cosmopolitan� (2004) 5.4 MB $0.99
I Smoke You Jack Roaring homage to the father of performance art, Jack Smith (2002) 5.0 MB $0.99
I Swim In You Sitar love song from Church of Betty�s �Fruit on the Vine� (1999) 5.3 MB $0.99
Madonna in the South Seas Church of Betty�s first local NYC hit (1990) 6.7 MB $0.99
The Magic In You Blistering opener from �Fruit on the Vine� (1999) 5.7 MB $0.99
Night Logic Church of Betty�s show closing belly dance number (1999) 6.3 MB $0.99
Onion Smokey groove song featuring Chris�s Prince-like falsetto (1998) 4.9 MB $0.99
Paint It Black Chris arranges and produces Stones classic for punk rock legend Jayne County (2003) 9.4 MB $0.99
Pya To Ab To Aaja David Byrne�s unreleased mix of Chris Hindi film cover for world music star Najma (1995) 7.4 MB $0.99
Rebellion Cabaret Weillian parody of NYC gentrification, from �The Devil You Know� (2004) 4.7 MB $0.99
Revenge of the Hippies Bangra-style stomper with Funkadelic-like chorus mocks hippies who sold out (2003) 6.5 MB $0.99
She's Really Alive Jubilant sitar celebration of Penny Arcade, from Church of Betty's 'Revenge of the Hippies' (2003) 4.8 MB $0.99
Tripping With Wanda Raucous homage to theater innovator John Vaccaro (2002) 4.8 MB $0.99
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