It's time to shape your community. Our campaign to re-elect Mark Madsen will only be as strong
as our volunteers — people like you who care about their neighborhoods and want to get involved.

Defending Freedom Close to Home
Close to Home

    The country has depended greatly on Utah soldiers in recent years, a trend that may continue.

    To those Utah soldiers fighting to protect our liberties and our way of life — you are in my prayers. read more

We are all entitled to create our own destiny
True "Vision"

Dreams to which the force of governmental power is applied are only appropriate within very limited spheres.

It is not appropriate to project or impose our dreams or our mental image into our neighbor's home, yard or life. read more

Meet Senator Mark Madsen
About Mark

Our community faces unique challenges. And with the expected growth, there is going to be a lot of change.

We need a strong voice in the state senate to represent our concerns, be a voice for our values and protect our community. read more


Every ten years the legislature must redraw the state's legislative districts. In our community, representation is everything.

Growth can be a very good thing, if we properly plan for it. We all recognize that our community is going to change as new families and businesses decide to move to our area. Find out how redistricting will help shape our communities in the coming years.

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Listen First

There is only one way to represent someone and that is to know what their concerns are and what they'd like done about it.

You elect someone to represent you. But do you know them? Do they reach out to make sure you're aware of what they're doing for you? Do they take the time to listen to your concerns and ask for your opinion? Senator Madsen is committed to doing just that.