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New Randy Pape Beltline Signs On The Way

By Dan Corcoran


EUGENE, Ore. -- The two initial highway signs for the Randy Pape Beltline have been designed and will soon be visible to drivers on the roadway.


Westbound traffic coming off of Interstate Five, from the I-5 fly-over, and also from Springfield will see one of the three by five foot signs between the fly-over and the Coburg Road exits.  This should all happen in about one month.


Regional ODOT officials placed the order for the new signs this week.  The signs should be constructed in about three weeks and they'll be installed a week later.


Wednesday morning opponents to Beltline's renaming delivered to the secretary of state 1,600 signatures of people who are against renaming the Beltline in honor of the late Randy Pape.


If those names are approved, opponents intend to collect the 83,000 signatures needed to get this name-change before voters.


"Most people in and around the state could care less about Beltline in and around itself. However, the message that we want to resonate statewide is that this is a gross abuse of power and this is just unacceptable and I think that will appeal to a lot of people statewide," said Scott Reynolds.


If the initial 1,600 signatures are approved, opponents of have until July 2nd to collect the 83,000 signatures and to get it on the ballot.


The two initial signs come with a price tag of $1,500.  Other signs will be replaced as they wear out.  All the signs that now read "Beltline" will eventually read the "Randy Pape Beltline" if all goes as planned.