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CARV is a unique intelligence outpost where advanced information details are presented from beyond the stars to the depths of Earth enabling clearer understandings for more logical generations.

Knowledgeability Briefs ( KBs )

CARV may not be the first place researched however its global information host for over 40-years has practiced unique capabilities of knowledgeably analyzing details hidden in plain sight that some may see in CARV Knowledgeability Briefs ( KBs ) where ( See Left Column ) key details from a broad spectrum of subjects – from geophysics to astrophysics - provide prehistoric, historic, current and predictive details capturing global interests from the private sector, public sector, academia, technologists, clinicians, authors, professionals and retirees.

Unrestricted Searches

CARV website ‘words’ and ‘terms’ used within CARV Knowledgeability Briefs ( KBs ) are specially linked to the CARV website ‘search engine’ filled with special keywords and terms enabling special information provisions on some subjects not provided the public elsewhere because of certain restrictions.

Global Knowledgeability Brief (KB ) Feedback

CARV global Knowledgeability Brief ( KB ) feedback provides quality detail exchanges of concepts based on observations, stimulating comments and thought provoking questions from like-minded individuals. ( See Left Column )

CARV Updates

CARV updates are provided at no charge to anyone who registers. ( See Left Column )

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