Kōzu-shima (神津島) is an island of the northern Izu-shotō located 14 km southwest from Nii-jima and 30 km northwest from Miyake-jima.

The 18.5 km² island is of irregular outline with dimensions of 4 x 6 km, orientated from northeast to southwest. Formed from a cluster of 18 rhyolitic lava domes and pyroclastic deposits, the landscape of Kōzu-shima consists of a hilly terrain of rounded to flat-topped hills cut by river valleys. The youngest and tallest of the lava domes is that of Tenjō-san — at 571 m above sea level it is the highest point on the island. Historical records indicate that Tenjō-san was last active in the 9th century.

Offshore from Kōzu-shima lie two groups of small islets: Tadanae-jima, 1.5 km off the western coast, and Ombashi-jima, 4 km off the southwestern tip.

image: ASTER volcano archive jpl/nasa

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