Sōfu-iwa (Lot's Wife)


Almost too small to be imaged by the ASTER instrument aboard the Terra satellite, the Sōfu-iwa (孀婦岩) pinnacle (also known as Lot's Wife) appears at the centre of the above image as a small white speck. The pinnacle is the southernmost emergent feature of the Izu-shotō island chain: Izu Ōshima, at the northern end of the chain, lies some 548 km distant; the closest island to Sōfu-iwa is Tori-shima, located 74 km to the northwest.

The basalt pinnacle rises to a height of 99 m above sea level with basal dimensions of 84 m (east to west) and 56 m (north to south).

Synonyms: Sōfu Iwa, Sōfu Gan, Sofugan, Lot's Wife

image: earth sciences and image analysis laboratory, nasa johnson space center

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