The purpose of this blog. Song 1: The chemist said it would be allright

Over the course of my career as a singer/songwriter/musician/producer I estimate i’ve written recorded and produced three hundreds plus songs. I often get asked questions about different songs. I sometimes enjoy answering them but most of the time i don’t do a very good job of answering. i’m really pretty anti-social. I can’t really help it. I think I was just born this way. So i came up with this idea to randomly select a hundred or so songs and write a few comments about each of the songs. like: with whom i recorded, what the song is about, Or simply something funny or interesting that happened in the session. Nothing too in depth. Sometimes i’ll also provide the lyrics and basic guitar chords for the fan’s who like that sort of thing.

The first  randomly* selected track is something i produced with Lauren Hoffman and John Morand (Engineer).  It’s called “The Chemist Said it Would be Allright”.  It was supposed to be on a Lauren Hoffman Album of the same title but it was never released.  This track was created using an interesting process.  My recollection was that John and Lauren had gotten pretty high and were listening to a previously recorded track backwards at half speed.  John had accidentally put the real on backwards,  and the muse led them to begin to make a dub mix of the half speed backwards track.  When i came into the studio  i thought it was the coolest shit we had recorded all month.  So we started dropping the dub mix onto the master tape.  we cut up and re-arranged sections to make the music flow in a more musical way.  We also recorded a bunch of string sections onto a microcassette recorder and started  randomly playing and rewinding sections over top of the mixes.  Eventually Lauren stumbled across a copy of the “the wasteland” by t.s. elliot. she began to  rephrase and sing sections of the poem.  There were still a few holes left.  Since this process was simply a much wilder and abstract version of some of the techniques we had used on the first Sparklehorse record we decided to call Mark Linkous to see if he wanted to contribute anything.  We played it to him over the phone. A little while later  we got was a fax back that said “lyrics:  you snuck me a coke when i was on dialysis. everywhere an oink oink”.

06 the chemist said it would be alright

*I’ve made an itunes playlist with every  recording released or unreleased that fits my criteria.  I am then  then using the decimals of π to “randomly”select tracks.  If i don’t feel like i wanna write about the track i skip it. So it’s not really that random.

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35 Responses to “The purpose of this blog. Song 1: The chemist said it would be allright”

  1. This is very cool.

    Thanks for doing this. I figure that the random selection process will allow me to sort out all the silly questions about specific songs I have bouncing around in my noggin.

    So, as a fan, I’m glad and grateful for your contributions.


  2. Michael Geller Says:

    Thanks! This is a great idea for us crumbs. Looking forward to more…

    • Very interesting. Sounds like it should be the soundtrack to a 70s psychedelic flick.

      Antisocial? I like you the way you are.

      • Nadine I like your feedback! also the fact that when a man seem not that social, makes him to me more facinating,intelligent,unique, and special! its the make of the lyrics that followed out of this individual meaning you Mr. David Lowery

  3. I’ve always enjoyed digging out and finding the lyrical gems amongst the Cracker songs, occassionaly borrowing them for inclusion in a letter to a sweetheart, always referenced tho and usually followed up with a compilation of cracker songs to whet her appetite. In the end tho, I think most of them develop a growing interest in Cracker and a corresponding loss of interest in I. But cest la vie ;-)

  4. This is a fantastic idea, señor. So great, in fact, that I think I’ll do it too. Except it probably won’t work as well with, say, my 30 songs instead of your 300. But we shall see. Thanks for the window in.

  5. Well, it’s not that random to you, but it will seem random to the rest of us. Cool idea, thanks for sharing the stories, David.

  6. Big Frank Says:

    Looking forward to future entries……..

  7. Jon Belk Says:

    Thanks David. Can’t wait to hear more.

  8. Michael Dill Says:

    Now this is the meat and potatoes! Nothing adds to my appreciation like getting some tidbits of information straight from the horses mouth. Thanks.

  9. very cool…much appreciated. (just don’t stop writing real songs)

  10. Jerry Johnson Says:

    I think this is a marvelous idea David. Finding new ways to communicate to you fans is wonderful.

  11. poul0004 Says:

    Much appreciated, I always enjoying hearing about the creative process.

  12. David, thanks for this. Many times I’ve wanted to ask you about a particular song but felt it was not the time. This is perfect. Looking forward to the next.

  13. James Evans Says:

    Great idea!

  14. Hey David; This wasn’t on Megiddo but it was released on The Chemist Said.. ep which came out ahead of the album I believe. I love this track

  15. Big Dipper Says:

    As someone who pays a lot of attention to Cracker lyrics — maybe a little too intently — this blog is very much appreciated. Cracker turned me on to Lauren Hoffman a few years back on Myspace (anyone still use that site?) and I got hooked on the song Broken. This Chemist song is equally haunting and mesmerizing…keep the blog posts coming! Thanks…

  16. Brokentoes Walker Says:

    Uber-cool my friend. Have got to say Cracker is one of my alltime favourite bands bar none. Also looking forward to some simple chords to go along with the lyrics. A Canadian campfire wouldn’t be the same without some cracker chestnuts whafting over the fire.

  17. Thanks for this blog. One of the main reasons people like me have loved Cracker for 20 (!) years is the brilliance of the writing, so it’s a pleasure to get a glimpse into the workings of the mind behind so much of it.

    As for being anti-social: the term “crusty” has sprung to mind, based on some of the times I’ve seen Cracker live… and that’s just the way we like you!

  18. great idea. I have been periodically posting a “cracker, quote of the day”, to all my friends. Just picking a line or two from various cracker/camper songs that fit my mood or are just cool lines. Keep up with all the good work.
    bob j

  19. David’s right, of course… The EP “The Chemist Said It’d Be Alright…” does not include the song. This great, weird song has only previously appeared as an MP3 on the website and possibly (if I remember rightly) Lauren’s website

    I’d love to get hold of Lauren’s version of Superman too, at some point in the 300 :) Really love the sleazy deep singing going on on that track.

  20. Excellent track. Excellent idea to start this blog. Look forward to many more entries. Thanks!

  21. zendixie Says:

    i wish you were able to do more music like this. i always liked your version of “long plastic hallway” with all the reverse stuff better than the released version.
    i reversed a recording of the band dark meat i made at a bar. it’s almost symphonic.

  22. Fantastic. Finally I’ll begin to understand more…even when say, as you did in the post about My Path Belated, that the lyrics are unimportant.

  23. Enjoyed your show at the John Anson Ford Theater back in the late 80s, BTW, LOL

  24. I thought it would be fun to follow along and build my own playlist as you go but I can’t seem to find a version of this song for purchase. Can it be bought? If so, where? Enjoying the posts none the less. Thanks.

  25. Wow, it’s David Lowery, posting just two posts below my own!

  26. (And I’m not being facetious. Maybe just a little silly, but not sarcastic.)

  27. My bf just sat me down and started a conversation by saying, “I hate to tell you this, but there is something you should know.” So I sit down, shaking, anticipating emotional carnage. And he takes a deep breath and says, “David Lowry has a blog on which he is discussing the Cracker/CVB canon, song by song.”
    Now here I am lost in liner note bliss.
    I ‘m leaving a trail of breadcrumbs.
    Thank you.

  28. David Lowery has no idea how important this blog is.

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