Finally the day has come when we can announce the cast. We locked our last lead cast member in yesterday afternoon and credit/props/keys to the city must go to our fantastic casting agent Marianne Jade from Maura Fay casting and of course our excellent producer Claire Evans. Casting started a month ago and it started out easy enough, but when it came down to making our selections, getting all the actors schedules to line up was less so, which has been probably about 75% of the work in this case (which I take no credit for although it has been interesting learning the paperwork side of the things) and required us to nudge the schedule a few days just so we could have the best cast possible.

Even thinking about it now, I still can’t believe we have a such a stellar cast, and I can’t wait to see what they’re going to bring.

So, without further adieu, I introduce our cast.



For those of you who’ve been watching Underbelly Razor over the last few weeks, you’d recognise Felix as the duplicitous Phil “The Jew” Jeffs. For me, Felix’s performance in Razor has been one of the best on there and his casting came about through an offhand comment I had made to Marianne, which was then solidified when I saw his performance in his character-centric episode “The Darlinghurst Outrage”. Having already had a good chat with Felix about The Red Valentine, I know he’s going to craft an incredible character


Clare is a dream. Clare was the reader for us for one of our casting sessions (the reader is the person who plays opposite whoever is auditioning at that time) and by the time she came around to audition (having now read the part opposite all the auditioning male actors), she knocked it out of the park. Granted, that’s what I expected of her given she’d done the part 10 times already, but she brought a real emotional vulnerability to what was only a page of script (and not a good page I might add). You may have seen her in The Combination, a film about racial tension in Sydney’s suburbs where she shone in one of the leading roles, and will be flying back from the US to join us having just filmed a lead part in a feature as well as doing LOTS of major auditions.


Guy should be another familiar face to those fans of Underbelly Razor, playing Greg “The Gunman” Gaffney (just imagine him with a sick mo), who incidentally just died in the most recent episode (sorry if I spoiled it). While having been watching Underbelly, I completely didn’t recognise Guy when he came in to audition, but what he brought in those few minutes was incredible and he instantly shot to the top of my list. Like Clare, Guy is one of the next great up an comers of Australian talent.


And finally, there is ONE MORE actor to announce but we’re just waiting for them to sign the contract, so hopefully I can fill you in on who the lucky last is in the next few days.



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