#7 Darling We’re Out Of Time/ RIP Andyman CD101 Columbus

I’d like to start todays Blog with a few words about John Andrew “Andyman” Davis.  Andyman as everyone knew him was one of  the good guys in the radio business.  He ran the radio station  CD101 in Columbus OH for over a decade.  He wasn’t a follower,  he played what he thought needed to be heard. Under his leadership  CD101 remained one of the last truly independent rock stations in the country.  But most of all he was a good guy.  He really made friends with the artists that he loved. JOhnny and I count him as friends.   He came to our shows and hung out til the very end.  He even had his own small bar/venue in Columbus (Andyman’s Treehouse) to cater to artists that weren’t popular enough to play the big places in town.  The traveling minstrel business will not be same without him. A public memorial will be held for him at the The Newport Music Hall Columbus OH Thursday 7-10pm. For more info follow the link below.


Darling We’re Out Of Time-Cracker from the album Greenland

There isn’t a whole lot to say about this song. It’s exactly what it sounds like. The dissolution of a marriage. Studied careful and without bitterness or blame. All the things that in real life we – certainly not myself- are  unable to muster. A gallant rewrite of a tragic and tawdry end.  A Hollywood ending. Walking away but with a small ember of hope in ones heart. A kiss goodbye.
If the album Greenland has an over arching theme. This is it: Loss and approaching the end. Don’t look back? Really? What idiot advised that. Without reflection what is this life we have lived worth?
Greenland is my favorite cracker album. I think it’s our best. I know that surprises some.  That album is like Key Lime Pie (Camper Van Beethoven),  years later people will get it.  Virtually every song on the record has meaning to me. It’s not exactly autobiographical.  But close enough.   Johnny once referred to it as “David’s album” (and I’m not positive he was being completely gracious).

A couple of minor notes on the lyrics.  First the “the wine that pours from the keg is better and dregs” is a direct reference to Frank Sinatra It Was A Very Good Year. I love Frank Sinatra.  I love dogs too. “Even the animals know this is the end”,  all three of my dogs died within a year of writing this song.  I haven’t owned one since.  They are little grief time bombs.

Here is an alternate earlier version I did with the house band at sound of music.

Darling we’re out of time. Demo Version.

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(Okay. I know It’s a little weird there has only been 1 camper van Beethoven song so far. But that is the nature of random. Cracker is on a winning streak)

[A] [Bm] [D] [E] [A]
[A] [Bm] [D] [E] [A]
[D] [E] [A] [G] [D]
[D] [E] [A] [G] [D] [E]
[A] [G] [D] [E]

[A] Darling we’re out of time
The [Bm] sweet days of spring are gone
The [D] wine that pours from the [E] keg
Is bitter and [A] dregs

Some say we gave it our best
So let’s not bring up the rest
No sense in talking
We know where we went wrong

[D] Darling we’re out of time
[E] All of the flowers are dead and their dying
And [A] leaves are tumbling [G] down off of the [D] trees
Darling we’re out of time
So [E] pack up that old circus tent
Even the [A] animals know [G] this is the [D] end
[E] Darling we’re out of time [A] [G] [D]
[E] Darling we’re out of time [A] [G] [D] [E]

Our best days have come
Our best days are gone
It’s already hard
Let’s not make it harder

Darling we’re out of time
So put on that dirty red lipstick
You dress like a chick
Drawn by an outsider artist

Darling we’re out of time
All of the flowers are dead and their dying
And leaves are tumbling down off of the trees
Darling we’re out of time
So pack up that old circus tent
Even the animals know that this is the end
Darling we’re out of time
Darling we’re out,
Darling we’re out of time
Darling we’re out,
Darling we’re out of time

[A] [G] [D] [E]
[A] [G] [D] [E]

[A] [G] [D] Darling we’re out of time [E]
[A] [G] [D] Darling we’re out of time [E]

31 Responses to “#7 Darling We’re Out Of Time/ RIP Andyman CD101 Columbus”

  1. Tim Depp Says:

    Sorry to hear about Andyman, and this blog is something I’m looking forward to reading each day. Erin and I saw Cracker at Andyman’s Treehouse. Only place I’ll ever be where the bartender says ‘the band wil play in the room with the tree’….

  2. So long, Andy. Enjoyed playing at the Treehouse a couple times with my little band.

    When I lived in Columbus, I swear I heard a DJ say that Cracker fired their drummer on stage after playing a live set at CD 101 earlier that day. Always wondered if I’d heard that right.

    Darling We’re Out of Time has been a sleeper favorite of mine. Probably the best sounding track from Greenland, in my opinion. The ‘animals know this is the end’ line now has a strangely interesting connection to ‘the dogs have all run off to die in peace’ from My Path Belated. Cool to read about this underrated tune.

  3. Dear David,
    Thank you so very much for starting this blog. I look forward to reading it every day. I love, love, love Greenland. How did you come upon the title of the album?
    Best wishes,

  4. Ugh, I must apologise for the “their”/”they’re” fauxpas! I need a proof reader.

  5. FYI- The memorial for Andyman has been moved to the LC Pavilion outdoor stage. Gates open at 6pm. Progarm starts at 7pm.

  6. Matt Lube Says:

    I love Greenland too, one of my favorites, and for me at least it is the exception to the rule – for most other bands I like and follow put out albums in the later years of their career that I simply don’t like, no matter how hard I try, as much. Guess you’re not quite in the later years yet!! Really enjoy the blog!! Much thankx!!

  7. “little grief time bombs,” how absolutely true.

    • Indeed. I had a cat for nearly 18 years, he was like a person. He was born the same year the album Cracker came out, and he just died last December.

  8. zendixie Says:

    i always thought the song on gent’s blues about wanting out of the circus was
    sort of the same theme but, what the hell do i know? it’s great when you can write a song that says what you want it to and still stand on it’s own so , it’s
    amazing if you can do a whole album that does this.

  9. Thanks for continuing this project, Mr. Lowery — and thanks for including the link to the Cracker demo! I’ve been listening to Camper since the 80s but passed on Cracker (for the most part), so I’m finally getting a taste of the band.

  10. But I’m really looking forward to learning more about your Camper songs! Either way it’s all good. (Unsolicited advice for you to ignore: If you ever get tired of this project, don’t abandon it altogether — just take a break for a bit. Return to it whenever you’re inspired again.)

  11. Now I’m going to Twitter this. I don’t use Twitter much anymore but this blog needs to be shared…widely (and I don’t have a lot of followers but maybe others reading this can share, too — on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever)!

  12. Twittered. So is Key Lime Pie your favorite Camper Van Beethoven album? Or is it simply the one you consider the best?

  13. (Look at me, trying to draw David Lowery into this conversation I seem to be having with myself, LOL)

  14. dennism Says:

    Just a marriage? I’ve taken the song as a quiet resignation to whatever climatic/environmental past the tipping point one chooses but I guess that’s just a quantum (as you say) macro/micro distinction. Thank you for the blog, I hope it gets to the cvb song I’ve been holding out my Stupid Fan Question for.

  15. B1g D1pper Says:

    pack up that old circus tent
    Even the animals know this is the end

    My favorite line from the song…although it has a new meaning after reading your blog.

    I really like the way you dial up the vocals at the end. For a sad song, I always end up feeling hopeful after listening to it.

  16. I’m with ya on the Greenland, I was just listening to it a couple days ago and thinking to myself “I like Cracker’s new SitLoMaH material a lot, but no offense, I think I like Greenland better!” DWOoT sure is a great tune to hear, on the album, or in concert. Please don’t hesitate to use this one late in the set or as an encore!!

  17. A song about divorce, maybe it’s a song about hope. Greenland is one of the most beautiful albums in my collection. I’m hoping you’ll do a blog on my fave ‘Night Falls.’ Enjoyed reading this. Cheers.

  18. Hi Morst, that’s a great idea This is THE definite encore song.

  19. I agree, Greenland is one of the best, but to me they are all ‘one of the best’. Keep up the blog David, we all are hanging on till the next installment.

    • Good point! One of the reasons Cracker stays a favourite with me, and probably all of us, is that each album is so distinct. I’ve always thought Greenland is a great and beautiful album, but I’m less likely to play it in the car than some of the others. It has a different – certainly darker – mood than the others.

  20. Michael Dill Says:

    Great song. Know the feeling and you’ve expressed it so well here. BTW Key Lime Pie has always been one of my favorite CVB albums.

  21. jan switzer Says:

    Funny how you mentioned “it”s David”s Album”. That is the first thing I told Jason after I rode to Charlotte to pick up a copy the day it was released. Listened to it on the drive home-had to pull over in a gas station when #8 began. yep, it stopped the car-couldn’t drive and listen at the same time. “Sidi-Ifni” it said on the song list- listened to that song 2 more times in the parking lot before heading back. got home and was asked “How was it?” and I replied-It’s all David- love the album (almost as much as “forever”) Thanks for this blog- I hope “Palace Guards” shows up sometime in the future-I want those lyrics!

  22. Great blog. Beautiful song. Your voice melts my heart.

    I’m very sorry for your, and the music scene’s, loss.

  23. This song is sadder for the attempt at holding one’s head up. Love Greenland. Terrific song.

  24. VelvetElvis Says:

    Geenland is by far my favorite Cracker album FWIW.

    I intend to pester you all at shows until I get a copy autographed by every member of the band.

  25. I hadn’t made the Greenland-Key Lime Pie connection yet, but it makes sense now that you mention it. Following that, then, I’d make the connection between something like “Sidi Ifni” and “All Her Favorite Fruit” (big epic all-encapsulating entropy songs).

    Both discs seem to have really taken a chunk out of you to make them. I’m sorry that the circumstances were so ugly both times, but you did get great work from that. I’ve had similar experiences when making my best/favorite stuff and that’s really the only consolation.

  26. iconic/ironic, the day you released “Darling” on the gwbush is not president site, Valentine’s..

  27. Andyman introduced me to Cracker, along with so many other great bands. Along with being our city’s music consigliere, his was a tireless philanthropist dedicated to helping kids who really needed help.

    I sort of missed CVB the first time around. I was a little too into the Athens scene, I guess. It took an interview between songs during a Cracker performance at the CD101 Big Room to realize what I was missing.

    This blog is fantastic. I love learning about the story behind the song…thanks for sharing.

  28. I loved the Vegas 2009 gig where you started off with “It Was a Very Good Year”.

  29. This is one of my favorite Cracker songs ever. Strangely, I was living in the Golden Age when that album dropped, and I was smack dab in the middle of a divorce when this album came out. This song helped me to realize that even though bad things happen to good people, I should handle myself with as much grace and dignity as possible. It really helped. Thanks again.

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