#20 Tusk-Camper Van Beethoven pt. 3. Separated at Birth: Jonathan Segel and Lindsey Buckingham

Separated at Birth. Which one is which?

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Even before Camper Van Beethoven dissolved in 1990 Jonathan Segel would occasionally sing the praises of Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk and Lindsey Buckingham. Jonathan seemed to feel this album was deeply misunderstood and Lindsey Buckingham a sort of mad genius like syd Barrett.

I’m not sure Lindsey Buckingham is that mad but certainly his seemingly simple songs always contain phrases of irregular length, and song structures that don’t quite repeat the same way they did the first time. Often you can’t put the songs into the usual verse chorus bridge structure.We discovered this as we began to record this album. “Wow I never noticed this 2nd verse is over entirely different chords than the first”.

Oh yeah, the CVB recording of Tusk? Well we tried to stick as close to the fiction as possible (see part 1).  We recorded it in the same way that our fictional story suggested:

Although we recorded on our 24 track machine we tried and mostly succeeded in limiting ourselves to 4 tracks. We also recorded the songs very fast. We used 1 or two mics at most. Some of the songs I barely had time to figure out. We also spent some time finding a drum machine that would sound close to the Emu drumulator. And most importantly we did the whole album in 4 days. More or less.

Jonathan was of course Lindsey Buckingham through much of the record. Not always but mostly. Victor was Stevie Nicks a few too many times, which prompted him to ask “are you guys doing this to me because i’m gay”. “No but you are a diva sometimes”. Was our response. Everyone refused to sing the song “Sisters”. So that’s how it ended up with apple computer’s “Victoria” singing the song.

And Jonathan really did become Lindsey Buckingham. Just listen to Walk a Thin Line.  The parallels are eery.  Lindsey Buckingham was asked to rejoin Fleetwood Mac for a performance for President Bill Clinton.  Jonathan Segel was asked to rejoin Camper Van Beethoven for a performance for Michael DuClos and Eszther Balint! Both Lindsey and Jonathan dated Stevie Nicks!

Walk a Thin Line- Camper Van Beethoven

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7 Responses to “#20 Tusk-Camper Van Beethoven pt. 3. Separated at Birth: Jonathan Segel and Lindsey Buckingham”

  1. Michael Dill Says:

    Victor is gay? Jonathan dated Stevie Nicks? You realize concluding this three part series about fiction and playful deception means that none of us can be sure you are telling the truth unless we have persoal knowledge of the matter, don’t you? Of course, you do. This has been the most fun so far in the whole series. David Lowery comes clean-or does he?

  2. well of course jonathan slept with stevie nicks, check out the lyrics on the first hieronymus firebrain album, the whole record is about sleeping with stevie nicks,even the instrumentals, it is so obvious when you know.
    and i think victor slept with peter green one time…oh well.

  3. Not even the priestess, with her wrenches and secret power, could save him from danger.

  4. Pfftt…who hasn’t slept with Stevie Nicks?

  5. Stevie Nicks Says:

    I have to inform you I never slept with anyone by the name of Jonathan? Wait a minute…was he the man who pretended to be working on my patio that day in 1991? No wonder he didn’t know how to use a measuring tape!
    Thanks for the insight Mr Lowery.

  6. oldecars Says:

    Many thanks for the props to Peter Green, an amazing guitarist unjustly marginalized for his propensity for going off the rails at the most inconvenient times. Very nice version of “Oh Well” as well. Now if only someone would resurrect the Green Manalishi…

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