Retraction of ‘Howard Kusnick Charged With Conspiracy To Commit Wire Fraud’

I am formally issuing a retraction of the May 31, 2011 story about Double Diamond Sports Management, Inc., titled “Howard Kusnick Charged With Conspiracy To Commit Wire Fraud,” and as you may have noticed already, the blog post itself has been removed from Sports Agent Blog.

The major mistake in the story was with respect to the baseball agency Double Diamond Sports Management, Inc. Howard Kusnick is not a principle of Double Diamond Sports Management, Inc., and according the Florida Division of Corporations has absolutely nothing to do with the agency, aside from being related to the owner Joshua Kusnick. My research has further uncovered the fact that Howard Kusnick is not an MLBPA certified agent, and has not been for over a year.

Joshua Kusnick has absolutely no ties to his father’s unfortunate legal situation. My understanding is that he is not in trouble with the law or the Major League Baseball Players Association, and has never been in trouble with the MLBPA at any point in time. I myself am working diligently to become a MLBPA certified agent.

I again apologize to my readers for any misinformation or incorrect and inaccurate information listed in the original post. I hope that Double Diamond Sports Management, Inc., is not negatively impacted by my mistakes, and I apologize to Double Diamond Sports Management, Inc. and Mr. Joshua Kusnick for any potential negative impact. Finally, it was inappropriate to suggest that other agents would or could use my story against Joshua Kusnick in an effort to steal his clients.

I have absolutely no ill will against Joshua Kusnick and wish him continued success as an MLBPA certified agent.

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  • Justin Herzig

    Darren, glad to see you posted this. I am sure a lot of blogs would have just deleted the original post and never looked back. Posts like this definitely give you and the site that extra bit of credibility every reader is looking for in a blog. Much respect.

  • Rob Katz

    Darren, good post. In today’s social media world, very few people accept accountability or correct incorrect reports or information.  That you would post this and correct a previous error is a credit to you and SAB.